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How can the African diaspora help the continent?

Do you think only people with strong personalities, or only highly motivated and determined people, can help the continent? Or can a massive movement starting from the outside help Africa? (By creating a network outside the continent, throughout the world...)


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  • Oct 25 2011: i think it has its ups and downs.for example flying out of their own country for better living gives you the idea that they are doing this for personal gains.but if the individual outside the country has families that he/she is supporting inside that country then he/she is technically helping that country in a way,with their remittances while giving more economic power to the country that he/she is in.this happens everyday here in the philippines and by this events overseas filipino workers arent really helping our country but country that they are working for.im not saying that there is something wrong with that but i think if youre a filipino then the philippines goes first on your list.the same with other countries too.

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