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How can the African diaspora help the continent?

Do you think only people with strong personalities, or only highly motivated and determined people, can help the continent? Or can a massive movement starting from the outside help Africa? (By creating a network outside the continent, throughout the world...)


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  • Oct 17 2011: I totally agree with you. But don't you think that there is a lack of organisation or structure outside the continent? As you say a big Diaspora forum, could be amazing or just a new version of the TED event but on the topics "The rise of Africa".

    I have learned a lot and have been aware that many amazing project have been created through TEDtalks.
    AIMS by Neil Turok, Ashesi University by Patrick Awuah, and many other.

    Those initiative have to be share throughout all the diaspora, to initiate people to help them or to inspire them.

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