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Where would we be today if the World Wars hadn't been fought?

Would this world still be colonized? Or would we already have an iPhone10 by now? In other words, would we be more technologically advanced because we would have saved a great deal of resources and time? How would the world be different?

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    Oct 17 2011: Actually, the exact opposite. The war forced nations to become innovative in order to defeat the other. Computers were created to de-crypt enemy codes. The World Wars also led to the cold war which led to some of the greatest inventions humans ever created. The internet, was originally called ARPANET. It was originally created to work as an inter-military communication system to warn of attack from the Soviet Union. The reason the Space Race was such a huge thing was sadly not just for prestige, but because each nation feared that the other could Nuclear Weapon launch platforms in space. So although humanity paid a huge price during the wars, we might have never had such a technologically advanced world. Hell, if the World Wars and all their after effects didn't happen, I'm certain you wouldn't be reading this message on a computer over the internet.
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      Oct 17 2011: Wow Now that's quite informative. So we are enjoying the positive impacts of world war.

      "Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.
      Martin Luther King, Jr. "

      Now the above quote of Martin Luther King, Jr makes more sense to me. Everything happens for are reason.
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      Oct 17 2011: quote (if the World Wars and all their after effects didn't happen, I'm certain you wouldn't be reading this message on a computer over the internet.)

      then I wish I was not reading this message but had no world wars & a peaceful planet.

      You have lost the war even if you have won it (Shokrollah's comment in a ted conversation).
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        Oct 18 2011: Well not having the world wars doesn't necessarily mean a peaceful world. It could actually mean more suffering. If we didn't have penicillin, wouldn't people suffer more? Wouldn't more people die? How many people were inspired by the technologies that were created due to the effects of the wars or the wars themselves. How many of these inspired people, helped someone else, or invented something? Just something I find interesting. Really relates to the Martin Luther King Jr. quote that Kuldeep Daftary brought up.
        Do note that: I agree that absolutely nothing could justify the atrocities committed during World War 2.
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    Oct 17 2011: Well said, Emil. So much has been spurred by wars. Innovation was critical. Einstein wrote a letter to FDR to convince him to authorize the Manhattan Project so Germany didn't do it first. Nuclear energy was born. The furious race to rocket and jet technology was on. Germany was ahead of us with the jet, but hadn't deployed it. In the realm of medicine, many techniques to save lives and treat casualties came from the wars, such as penicillin. The first mass production of penicillin was ordered by the War Production Board to deliver to Allied troups fighting in Europe during WWII. Another development was radar, a secret technology of the British. Sonar too. GPS was developed from spy satellites during the cold war.

    Commercialization and War fuel innovation. Fear of an enemy getting a step ahead is a powerful motivator.
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      Oct 17 2011: Really informative! :)

      When We go through tough time we learn new things and achieve things which we never imagined of achieving. Everything happens for a reason..
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    Oct 17 2011: Both World Wars forced the West into an unprecedented technological modernity actually. As the old expression goes, necessity is the modern of invention and during war time, one needs to constantly find ways to outdo an opponent. You'll find that the great names of science and technology of the time all have crucial roles to play in their country. For example, Alan Turing, the father of modern computers, is the genius behind the breaking of enigma. In times of war, science gets a tremendous push.

    The threat of war also has its part to play too. During the entire Cold War era, the US and Soviet Union have continually attempted to outsmart each other in science and technology. The most obvious example of this is the space race with the 60s opening on the Soviet's first man in space and closing on the first man on the Moon (all this in the space of a decade).
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      Oct 17 2011: Okay so I think world wars is one of the reasons why western countries are developed where as countries in east are still developing and under-developed. Countries who were exposed to world wars like UK, US, Germany, JAPAN etc. are developed and self sufficient.

      So Now I'm thinking what can be a peaceful alternative to wars which can push countries to develop in same fashion as war exposed countries grew.
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        Oct 17 2011: Good question. We have to find a way to capture the competitive side of conflict and make sense of it in a peaceful and healthy context.