Dominique Jaurola

Founder / CEO, Hunome


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Creating with more comprehensive understanding of our humanness and what matters to our future and demanding outputs that do!

A shift (a renaissance of sorts) to a mindset where humanity's interests - the deep foundations and contextually relevant insights on humans - are seen as a necessity and pulled for by decision-makers large and small.

Disappointments in the current ways to construct our ways of being and living boost this along.

There are many activities - art, product creation, marketing, design, strategies, start-ups, thinking etc that are oriented in this way but it is not easy to find the insights and inputs to create along this dimension.

Disclosure: I am working on a means to help this along with - we're not yet public but I would welcome a chat with anyone who is entrenched/supportive of this kind of thinking.

On an adjacent note:

- We (humans) have gone full blast ahead with novelties before only to find that meddling with nature has always unintended consequences; when we meddle with our neurological body we're getting to a tricky bit - can do good and play on singularity's progress but can also make a right royal mess of it. It would be good to shine some light on holistic thinkers and doers on this.

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    Feb 26 2011: Hunome is a brilliant initiative Dominique and I wish you the best of luck on your journey of discovery. You may want to leave the brain scientists out of the plan and start researching the connection between our humanness and what nature is trying to tell us ....
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      Feb 26 2011: Thank you Josia, much appreciated. It is an all encompassing project. So leaving much room for all perspectives :) (in terms of what content flies through - we put shape to it). Much of the way in which we humans deal with data about anything is linear in that we ask questions, we wonder about something, we have a problem and then we seek answers. On Hunome we turn that on its head and find connections and build thought graphs. The brain scientist, our expression of our selves, observations, our cultures, our dreams and fears are all part of the make-up to deliver 'understanding' on an issue rather than a limiting 'answer'.