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Who are you?

Tell me about yourself; not your age, race, or job, but tell me what you are: what do you mean? what do you mean to others? When a person thinks of you what do they think of? When do they think of you? What about you makes them remember you at a certain moment.

In other words, who are you?

I want to know the entities that live on this world. You can also answer this question with an idea or a statement that relates to your manor of thinking, so if your always thinking of fish then you could write, "I cannot imagine a day without fish" or if you think of humanity and how amazing individualism and how perplexing it can be (for me) when you actually do put yourself in another persons shoes, the you could write something like this, "I exist. You exist. Now think; there is another person reading this comment. They could be angry they could be happy. No matter what they are doing they are a "TOTAL person"(Their own being). They are different, but still human like you are. Amazing to think that I can touch a table, and NO ONE will ever touch it like that again. Or that I see the same sunset millions are watching, but no one else sees it from my perspective(position). I'm still blown away by the thought that YOU exist." (I wrote this myself after watching and amazing video and this is also my answer to the question, and also an example). No answer is a bad answer as long as it is an answer you believe to be yours.

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    Oct 16 2011: Each man is an island, I believe;
    An entity in self-important skin.
    Forever looking out for what is in.
    Receiving neither respite nor reprieve
    From his neatly ruled and angled nine-to-five.
    Nicely boxed, he takes it on the chin
    For honour, for respect and for his sins.
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    Oct 16 2011: QUOTE: what do you mean?
    I mean NO harm whatsoever but it seems at times it's an inevitable consequence. :(

    QUOTE: what do you mean to others?
    I mean a different thing to everyone around me, to some I'm still a child, to others I'm a dreamer, sometimes I'm a storyteller/collector but most of all I'd like people to think of me just as human.

    QUOTE: When a person thinks of you what do they think of?
    A song usually, as I like to communicate with music so many associate me with a shared tune.

    QUOTE: When do they think of you?
    Hm, as I've heard many times various descriptions I never actually picked up a favourite one.

    QUOTE: What about you makes them remember you at a certain moment.
    Probably my eyes or my smile. :) I hope it's something positive
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    Oct 16 2011: I think people look at me and think "Nerd". I like games, I'm good with computer, and am spectacular at math; so I guess that gives them every right to think that.To be honest, that's what I consider myself, but I don't dislike that I do.
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    Oct 16 2011: Can it be that everyone that think of me has something different in mind?

    Can it be that what someone sees in someone else is something of their own?

    Can it be that what we are is a reflection of everybody else and would without this not have any property at all?