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We need to teach our kids mnemonic techniques at an early age.

Memorization is just like reading and writing, in that it is a process that can be developed and mastered with the proper techniques. We're bombarding our children with a plethora of vocabulary words, hundreds of names and dates, and dozens of mathematical formulas and properties that we expect them to remember, yet they have not been taught efficient ways to remember it. Let's fix this horrific inefficiency within the learning process, especially in the US, by teaching our kids effective mnemonic strategies at a young enough age.

Stunningly useful techniques, such as the "method of the loci," were used by the Greeks thousands of years ago, yet were somehow lost to most of the world over time.

For anyone out there who wants to improve their own memory. I highly recommend Joshua Foer's book "Moonwalking with Einstein." After reading it, it only takes me a tenth of the time it once did to study for most of my college exams.

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    Oct 15 2011: I simply feel whatever felt enjoyable, useful , understandable, applicable becomes more memorable...................... ....... current certification system is inefficient to make things enjoyable / understanable / useful / applicable so many student don't find the reason to make those memorable.....

    Instead of fixing that issue, that technique may end up in to another failure to many..........even in cases where it will suceed will that ensure that student got really educated ? Well that can help to get good grade to them who succeed with that technique.... but whats the outcome out of those good grade I am not sure about...
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    Oct 15 2011: mne·mon·ic   [ni-mon-ik]
    1.assisting or intended to assist the memory.
    2.pertaining to mnemonics or to memory.

    3.something intended to assist the memory, as a verse or formula.
    4.Computers . a programming code that is easy to remember, as STO for “store.”

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    Oct 15 2011: I wonder if the hippocampus is sufficiently developed in children's brains to use mnemonics in assisting memorization?

    It depends what you mean by 'early age', but I am of the opinion that children up to age 7 should be allowed to be just children in order to establish a foundation of free thinking, independence, identity and social skills, without having an external curriculum interfering with that process.

    Maybe mnemonic methods could be introduced as part of a curriculum, but crucially I think it also must have a respect for the known physiology and psychology of brain development of children.

    I certainly need to improve my memory. Joshua Foer's book might just be what I need!