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iCloud and Cloud disks, our personal data on the web, benefits and consequences ?

In Feb 2009 Tim Burners Lee talked about sharing our documents over the web, and he was referring to Hans Rosling's talk about the need for our raw data on the web for research and a better world.

Amazon started Cloud Disk, Apple started iCloud, while Drop Box and Google Docs were already available .

What do you think about putting your personal data on the web? What are the consequences? Will it be used just for research? or will 1984's Big Brother be looking at us?

How much do you trust it? What are your concerns? What are the best benefits and worst consequences of it?


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  • Nov 9 2011: I'm compelled to lol at this post... but I'll bite.

    With the likes of China and Russia hacking government computers on an HOURLY basis, to think ANY data that's accessible by the Internet is safe is naivety incarnate.

    Lockheed-Martin's Joint Strike Fighter program was hacked (by "some large Asian country" -- guess who! -_-) in May with an estimated $10billion and two decades of technological know-how relinquished. If the most costly military program in US history ($300bil worth) is seemingly so easily molested, what chance does the average hoi polloi uploader stand of not having his / her personals spilled all over the cyber world?

    The fact of the matter is, those we've come to trust - government institutions, professional corporations et al - are a mile behind the 8-ball when it comes to online security. There is a massive power shift under way in the world where those who have the biggest guns and most money are necessarily as 'safe' as they thought they once were.

    Me: I wouldn't store my dick pics online let alone my tax file number! >_>
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      Nov 9 2011: You know Sablcious if that Asian country has even the blueprints of the Fighter they won't be able to do anything, they might make a monkey model, as they do now , they only gonna make a chimp model then.

      To do something great you have to have Great people, not great assets and great papers, This is something that Americans and West European countries know , but Since Russia and China don't understand , they try to steal it rather than make it, But it won't go anywhere.

      I don't know if this makes sense but, I am a film maker and now everything you need to make a great movie is available to you . From Cameras that are great but not costly to Softwares to do visual effects and editing .

      But Still Russia and China can't do something that hollywood does, why ? It is Spielberg who makes a Great movie not an iMac running Final Cut Studio . 3D software are available to everyone but only Pixar and Dream works can make great Animations.

      To Do what Lockheed does , they have to steal entire Lockheed martin with all of its wonderful Scientists.

      But if they can steal something will they use it ? for sure they will , So I think I am concerned about that as much as you are.

      By the way great point thanks for bringing it up
      • Nov 9 2011: Yes--China like to copy others and make poor facsimiles of what they do. This is common knowledge.

        But my comment more concerned Internet security / safety; I thought it very salient that if something as tightly-guarded as the JSF program could be hacked, what level of 'security' could you really expect from an online database of all our credentials? I'd wager even Anonymous would hack it before any more 'nefarious' group would even bother!

        I saw a news report on the example I cited not 24 hours ago and analysts too concede that it's not like China will have such working technology before the West just because they pilfered a few intermediate level files--the project has some 7.5 million lines of programming code and the most sensitive stuff isn't Internet accessible. But they did they make note of the fact that years of technological research, and money, was lost in this particular breach.
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          Nov 10 2011: this kinda things raise the hair on back on my neck ....

          if these people only knew that by stealing something you don't own it , you have just stolen it ....
      • Nov 12 2011: Welcome to the new 'Cold War'. ^_-

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