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What is the future of healthcare? How can it become health care vs sickness treatment? What role do technology and innovation play?

Healthcare costs are rising, the population is aging and medical needs are greater than ever. How can patients receive better quality care at an affordable price? How can we leverage technology to provide better and more affordable healthcare around the world?


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  • Oct 27 2011: The future of healthcare is integrated care. In integrated care systems, there’s no ‘wrong door’ to care. If you visit your primary care doctor, she’ll assess your mood, your mental health, your alcohol and drug use. If you go to a mental health or addictions professional, he will take your blood pressure, discuss your weight and eating habits. Healthcare providers aren’t divided in integrated health systems, so they connect you with the help you need, and make sure each patient is receiving coordinated, quality care. Visit the SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions for more information at www.integration.samhsa.gov.

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