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What is the future of healthcare? How can it become health care vs sickness treatment? What role do technology and innovation play?

Healthcare costs are rising, the population is aging and medical needs are greater than ever. How can patients receive better quality care at an affordable price? How can we leverage technology to provide better and more affordable healthcare around the world?


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  • Oct 25 2011: in most countries the medical system is bankrupting. in the usa the medicaid/medicare system is bankrupting the system.
    i would suggest that medical students who cannot pay for a medical school education be giving a free medical school education. instead of being burdened by student debt medical students upon inception of practice
    would not be burdened with medical school debt.
    participating medical students would be giving the option of a free medical education provided they are willing to provide a free percentage of medicare care for poor deemed eligible by government for a set period of time and set percentage of poor patients.
    patients must be deemed eligible poor by the federal government. the time of obligated service and percentage of patients set by federal government. the government would soon recover their initial outlay of providing a free medical school education to students 5 fold, plus because of
    the no billing proviso to medicare/medicaid . the federal government would recover much more than their initial financial outlay to students. students would not be burdened student loan obligations. this program would be for office visit only.
    we can take this program one step ahead with a little vision and insight.if the doctor would be willing to have the
    government pay their opening office costs the doctor would be obligated to provide free care according to their specialty for exp: lab tests, x-rays,
    cat/mri and other special precedures etc.time and obligation of of free service set by governments. the no billing proviso to medicare/medicaid would apply. the government would really save large amounts of money.
    in the long term the saving to governments could amount to trillions of dollars.
    from what i understand in the usa for every 1% medicare saves over a 1 year period
    over 15 years comes to a 1 trillion dollars saving?
    joseph p.martino

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