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What is the future of healthcare? How can it become health care vs sickness treatment? What role do technology and innovation play?

Healthcare costs are rising, the population is aging and medical needs are greater than ever. How can patients receive better quality care at an affordable price? How can we leverage technology to provide better and more affordable healthcare around the world?


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    Oct 20 2011: Many of today's illnesses are due to lifestyle factors. We are in a position whereby we treat illness once it has set in, rather than encouraging wellness, so that illness doesn't set in. The only solution is preventative medicine, through dietary and lifestyle changes, that encourages optimum health and vitality. Of course, "the sickness industry" wouldn't make any money if that were the case, so many people are still trapped in the illusion that there is no other way. Virtually all of today's degenerative diseases are preventable. Technological solutions could involve wellness testing for prevention of sickness. Currently most medical technology is designed to find, diagnose and confirm sickness, rather than prevent it. In nutritional therapy clinical practice, tests can be run to look for minor imbalances in bodily systems and to treat those imbalances before they become clinical pathologies.

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