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What is the future of healthcare? How can it become health care vs sickness treatment? What role do technology and innovation play?

Healthcare costs are rising, the population is aging and medical needs are greater than ever. How can patients receive better quality care at an affordable price? How can we leverage technology to provide better and more affordable healthcare around the world?


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    Oct 19 2011: Sorry if I implied that it COMPLETELY doesn't happen. I meant to say that it doesn't happen enough. Paycheck is still king to many in this field, not service and compassion. Not for everyone, and I am grateful for that, but for many out there. Sorry if I was unclear.
    • Oct 20 2011: If you saw the pay checks of most healthcare workers you would be SHOCKED. I am talking about the healthcare workers who take care of your grandmother after a stroke, or your Dad after a surgery or your sister recovering from cancer. I am talking about nurses and nurses assistants and radiology techs and surgical assistants, and physical therapist and speech therapists. The biggest reward in those jobs is knowing that you were kind and helped the patient and family get through the day and ultimately improve the quality of their lives. Believe me the paycheck is not king. You are most likely thinking of the CEO s of healthcare companies or those working in the pharmaceutical industry which probably account for less than 1% of those working in healthcare.

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