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What is the future of healthcare? How can it become health care vs sickness treatment? What role do technology and innovation play?

Healthcare costs are rising, the population is aging and medical needs are greater than ever. How can patients receive better quality care at an affordable price? How can we leverage technology to provide better and more affordable healthcare around the world?


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  • Oct 19 2011: Drugs are made to produce money, not to heal, that's why they only treat symptoms. As long as this system is active the problems will stay. The knowledge already exists. No new technologies required. And I am not talking about first aid which is the only thing I would allow a "western doctor" to touch me.

    Crohn's Disease & PTSD & I am med free. I am not completly healthy yet but I am doing a lot better than all those med addicts believing in this "incureable" BS.

    The answer to the problems would be a resource based economy.

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