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Please ? I need to know If is possible to down load your videos with the subtitles ? if is possible asap :( somebody can help me ? thanks

I do have a final cut , I am trying to down load 2 videos about the starvation in the world with Jamie Oliver and Josette Sheeran .
I know you guys provide the subtext in the side .. but is possible to get the all video with the subtext in downloaded ?
I hope somebody can help me ...
thank you ..
Kind Regards

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    Oct 14 2011: Hey Jenny ...
    Thank you very much for your support ... I tried to do as the link that you sent me .. let see if they sem me back as mp4 file .. so i can put straight to the audio on final cut .
    Thank you for your help !
    Kind regards
    God Bless you !

    Milena Barbosa