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Amalia Ulfah

Coordinator - Training for kids, Corruption Preventing Alliance (CPA), Jakarta State Islamic University

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What do you think is the main factor why contemporary kids like playing online game?

What do you think is the main factor why contemporary kids like playing online game?

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    Oct 15 2011: Kids are curious to any new thing and online games are always changing , upgrading that can be one factor.
    In many places due to security reason parents don't allow kids to go outside home to play , that's another reason.
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      Oct 15 2011: Great response and the point of security is a very vital one even in so called peaceful nations and places.
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        Oct 16 2011: Thanks James.
        Squeezing play ground due to the unplanned urbanization in many developing and underdeveloped country like mine one is another reason I guess.

        Sometime back, was talking with my sons who were then 6 yrs & 4 yrs. As I told them how lucky they are having lot of toys, computer games which i never could dream of as kid at their age. My elder one immediately answered "you had huge field to run and play , which we don't have, even you don't allow us to go out , while grandpa, grandma allowed you to go out" (they know it as I told my childhood story to them and they love it).
        That was an eye opener for me..................
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          Oct 16 2011: I agree it would be an eye opener and maybe a real emotional impact also. Is there an area near your home where your little one could go and play in a field? I know so little about your country and have only the best hopes for you and your children.
          James Turner
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        Oct 17 2011: Hi James
        Yes there are fields near my house and I take them whenever I have time and with them but due to security reason can't let them go unattended as my parents could do with me and my siblings.

        We developed (which is true even for my poor country) so much but why our overall social security has gone down ?

        Thanks for your kind words. Have a good day
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    Oct 16 2011: I think that online games maximize very simple psychological devices like instant reward and gratificiation. Once the game has a player's attention, it keeps it by rewarding and challenging the mind and ego.
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    Oct 15 2011: The main factor in my mind is of getting the game. Online games are easier to get and cheaper than things such as board games, organized sports, or even some sort of game involving a ball on the street. They can be played regardless of time zones and can reach a wider audience of people. Another factor is this is what children in a lot of the world have grown up with. I have lived long enough to see the first home computer system develop to what it is today and I have adjusted to it. In fact with out it this thing called TED would probably not even exist with the exception of a few academics.
  • Oct 14 2011: Instant gratification, no more no less.
  • Oct 14 2011: Escape to a fantasy world where one can make a difference.

    In the real world, there are rules and restrictions for just about everything. The chance to pick up a sword or gun and save the world is a joy that can't be realized in the real world.
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    Oct 14 2011: Good question, they are somewhat addicting. But some games like Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Halo are fun to play with friends.Having the ability to talk/play games with friends is a lot funner because you can then strategize your attacks via microphone. It makes it a lot funner because after talking it through, you usually win. Plus it really bonds you with your friends
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    Oct 14 2011: online games are cool
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    Oct 14 2011: Inborn pleasure in pack hunting.