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Biracial Identity

Biracial identity has become an increasing anxiety for individuals mixed with two distinct races or more. Particularly with individuals who experience two different cultures due to two dimensions of race by their offspring, how is this affecting the individual's life growing up. Self identity crisis? Acceptance issues? What am I? Black? White?

Is not being able to label oneself under one group becoming an issue?


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    Oct 14 2011: Personally ,for me (Libyan and Irish all in one) its an asset.
    Having experienced both Arabic culture in Libya and Irish (come English) culture in good old Eire i find it actually gives me a very unique view point.
    Where one college professor profess' the idiocracy of the Arab world i contradict with the fact we/they invented the modern number system ,conquered near all of Europe and currently have the worlds largest growing and practicing religion Islam (im atheist).
    It also gives me a better view-point on democracy ,politics ,war ,drugs (hashashins etc. being a good reference point), corruption, music and a boat-load of other things.
    Same applies if one bashes Ireland.

    Just remember that despite how others (and possibly consequentially you) view a certain culture, race etc ,you can't say sh*t till you've experienced it.
    Be proud of what you have and give the royal finger to those who suppress you because of it.

    And BTW ,you can label yourself under one group "Mixed" :P
    • Oct 18 2011: Thank you for sharing! I do agree.

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