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When you download something online- are you the 'owner' of the item- or are you renting it for a period of time?

The law is currently set to protect the online community via license agreements and terms of use - to allow consumers only licenses to play and watch video, books, music etc. However, I believe most people don’t know this- most people think when you download something it is yours- to have forever, for as long as you want ....... Am I wrong, and do you know you often don’t own the item?


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  • Oct 14 2011: Seeing as this is a sensitive topic i will try my best to tread lightly. I find simply that one ( and myself for that matter) does not own a product by purchasing it, whilst one can own a copy, which can be used for personal use, one does not legally retain the right to reproduce, re-sell, or upload said software and/or ideas(paintings ,designs ,etc.). This is a rather oddly stated question since it doesn't give much room for discussion as it (to my understanding) asks if you are wrong in assuming that most people don't know this. The question posed does not ask for any moral or ethical pondering nor does it ask whether or not the law is correct in doing so, i am questioning whether this truly is a debate question or more so a poll of sorts.

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