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Complete renewable energy replacement of fossil fuels ASAP

What would you say if I told you I could generate all of the electricity mankind would need naturally for as long as man walks the Earth, without negativly impacting the Earths ecosystem? I can compress air naturally in a hundred million different places around the world, in a dozen or more different ways, then I can transport that air safely anywhere it is needed on the planet, and use that compressed air in a HYPEG device to generate electricity locally where ever it is needed whenever it is needed. I can literally store energy, just like fossil fuels, until we need it. I do not care that the wind is not blowing in the middle of the day when I need it, I captured the wind turbines energy last night when I did not need it and saved it for today! Never again will man have to foul the air with hydo carbons in order to satisfy his need for energy. Come on, challenge this, I can not wait to show everyone how to do this!

  • Oct 19 2011: There is a world of difference in the business community between 1900 and 2000 Frank. There are many more people with financial abilities today, not just a hand full like Nicolas day. The other factor is that the market for energy today is huge. When electricity first came to be, there was little use for the commodity. Now we are addicted to energy, and our prime source is faultering. If you have a real answer, the potential is enormous. This is the point about this HYPEG I speak of. It is the final answr to renewable energy.
    In regard to the Tesla tower, he ran head on onto something obvious to a man like Westinghouse, if you can not control the sale of the product investment is foolhardy. As magnificant as the tower was, its flaw was lack of control.
  • Oct 19 2011: I have seen absolutely nothing in Teslas research talking of this. Please be more specific if you can.
    • Oct 19 2011: Not to your project specifically but to the idea of supplying alternative energy.
      There is a great deal of information regarding Tesla's work on the web. I suggest to anyone
      with an interest in this area to read the tragic events at Wardenclyffe Tower and how then just as now greed is the enemy of alternative energy not science.
  • Oct 19 2011: This has already been attempted.

    What Happened? It's all history...

    And the present?

    At home, the oil-rich nation has successfully stifled domestic protests with a combination of billions of dollars in new jobs programs and an overwhelming police presence. King Abdullah began wielding his checkbook right after leaders in Tunisia and Egypt fell, seeking to placate the public and reward a loyal religious establishment. The king’s reserves, swollen by more than $214 billion in oil revenue last year, have insulated the royal family from widespread demands for change even while some discontent simmers.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    The problem is not how, the problem is greed.
  • Oct 15 2011: I had a science teacher who used to get mad and kick the garbage can sometimes. Usually he was a nice guy. In my experience nowadays, I am beginning to understand his frustration.

    Just a little note here. Before you go off on a tangent about any science, please take a close look at it and try to understand it. My friend Ed seems to have decided there is nothing more on Earth for him to learn, so he is perfectly happy flying off the handle on 'you can't do that' tangents Read this, try to understand it. But if you insist on remaining all educated, you will never learn anything new. Sorry Ed.
  • Oct 15 2011: Ed, you are confusing this with something else, based on your comments. First of all, the numbers do not depend on optimism, they are computed and verified. Its either math or it ain't Joe. The more practiced approach you speak of has inherently high losses in induction and heat, which can not be recovered in a copper wire in the air. Constructing thousands and thousands of huge iron towers and hanging wire on them is not cheap. Pipe buried in the ground is only a fraction of the cost of the huge tower lines you speak of, with little danger of fires, and very low maintenance issues. Then there are insurance, repairs, maintenance, and replacement costs of electrical towers. I have seen repairs done to these wires with helicopters. Ever rent a chopper Ed? They are not cheap. Even a ground maintenance truck to work on these things runs around $250,000, plus training and insurance on the cowboys fixing these things! Why would you think this would be less expensive than a pipe in the ground? And as for losses, over 30% of the electricity sent East in NY from Niagara Falls never arrives there due to heat losses, unrecoverable heat losses Ed. Compressed air moves through pipe with very few losses. Now, your elevated water argument. Elevated water storage is the very reason we use fossil fuels for electricity today. If we could store that much water, we would, but putting that much water on the ground deletes huge amounts of arable land, not a good idea. This design changes the liquid storage of water to the gas storage of air. I can store much more energy in the form of compressed air than I can elevated water, without taking up lots of room, and I can move that compressed air in pipe, unlike water, without losing its energy. Now, you seem to be educated somewhat. Lets start with the scientific principle of energy. Can you tell me how to create energy to begin with?
    By the way, we are not running out of drinkable water here in WNY. You are misinformed.
  • Oct 15 2011: Hi Tim. Bio fuels are problematic in that they require way too much hands on to deliver enough power to fill our needs . By the time you aquire property, plant it, nurture it, harvest it, convert it, ship it, insure it and modify equipment to use it you have reached two times the cost of building a windmill! When oil reaches $500.00 a barrel maybe, but what I am showing you now is a reason to abandon such expensive sciences! Remember what I said about a better mouse trap? There you go.

    Zero point energy (Nullpunktsenergie) is energy in such a small state that when we attempt to multiply its value, little happens except that the start of any energy build up is drained of its energy through heat absorption. In other words, its heat losses negate any gains made. Thats why we have never been able to use this concept as a real energy source. Can it be done? Maybe, but why bother? And do not forget, energy can not be created or destroyed, so nothing in, nothing out. ( I can not answer issues regarding dimensional conversions, and neither can anyone else ... theories can not light your light bulbs or run your cars engine.)
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    Oct 14 2011: bio fules from algea?
  • Oct 14 2011: Hi Matt ... Thats why I gave you the web site! When I originally tried to give the whole explanation I ran out of space! (only 2000 characters allowed) But thats OK, now you will have to do your own homework! OK OK, I will help you ...
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    Oct 13 2011: How can we challenge what you said? You haven't presented anything!
  • Oct 13 2011: Hi Sara! I am in process of building a demonstration project here in Western New York. We are hoping to do an unveiling this coming spring around May or June where we will attempt to get UPI coverage. The potential here is nothing short of amazing, and being the father of seven children the state of the worlds energy supply was of great concern. I could not bear the thought of my children and grandchildren freezing in the dark. My college training generated many doubts about wind turbine and solar panels for energy dependancy. The industry always spoke of electricity that depended on fossil fuels, and never addressed transportation losses with oil depletion, the one thing we depend on the most. If you would like to follow our progress my web site, will keep you up to date. I would ask for a bit of help from you if you do not mind. Send as many people to this TED site as you can. The more people who know of this the faster I can get it in motion. Thanks Sarah!
  • Oct 13 2011: If you've figured all that out and there are no flaws, then that's pretty awesome!
    How are you going to implement this new idea into the real world?