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What will be the implications of China's economy eclipsing the US's economy in 2050?

According to Haiyan Wang, managing partner of the China India Institute, China's economy will eclipse the US's economy by 2050. How will that affect America's businesses? Will our ability to innovate help us compete?

  • Oct 14 2011: I've heard they will pass the US in 2020. I think it will benefit the world as China will be one huge demanding market, they will want and need everything you can think of. On the other hand who's to say things won't turn around here and that will not happen, you just never know the future.
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    Oct 14 2011: our economic forecasts fail to predict 3 years ahead, let alone 40. nobody has the faintest clue what will the world look like in 2050.

    however, progress never hurts. if china advances, the rest of the world will benefit from it as well.