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Do you think the United States should help with the situation in Libya? If so, how can we help?

What can the United States do to help? Should the United Nations get involved? How do all these revolutions in the middle east have an affect on other nations?

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    Feb 25 2011: I personally do favour the use of force of a UN Coalition to protect innocent Libyan civilians. The point that tipped me in favour armed intervention was the very short term loyalty of the Libyan army to Gaddafi and his new found reliance on foreign merciless mercenaries.

    Unfortunately deciding upon and planning such an operation (even if just to remove the mercenaries and those hostile to a potential democracy) would require a ridiculous amount old-fashioned UN arguing and debate and arm-twisting and headlock evasion,- by the time something is actually decided, it will likely have become irrelevant to the current situation.

    All the same, we have a nation in turmoil and on the brink of chaos where an dictator is losing the support of his own ministers and army, and whose contempt and sole concern for his own self-preservation couldn't be clearer. This is a model case for UN armed intervention, if done smartly it does not have to mean the prolonged financial drain that Iraq and Afghanistan have meant for the US.

    Money truly should not have a place in these kind of decisions anyway.
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    Mar 8 2011: The United NATIONS not the United States shud be carefully considering actions to take in order to stop this murdering by a mental case like Ghaddafi. America cannot save the world.
  • Feb 26 2011: Contact tribal and leaders' council in Beida. Advise them to declare Qaddafi regime illegitimate and to form a provisional government with a council with thirty places but only elect fifteen, leaving fifteen empty for folk in Tripolitania under the yoke of the tyrant. Thus symbolizing the unity of the country.

    Fill ships with basic foods and send to Tobruk, Derna, Benghazi, Marsa Brega and Misurata.

    Then act in concert with U.N.
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    Feb 25 2011: I would be highly in favor of military involvement both from the United States and Europe. I don't want the West to be remembered for having sat idly by while mass murder was taking place next door.
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      Mar 18 2011: And I don't want to send our precious kids to fight a war they have nothing to do with. Who came and settled our civil war here in America ?