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which country do you like best or which city did you want to go?

If there are chances given for you,which country do you want to go?
we can talk about it and change advises about the countries.we can go
the city you like best and it suits you ,we also can go hand in hand with soul.

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    Oct 14 2011: I would really like to visit Venice, Italy during their annual carnival. It seems like such a nice place and the Carnival of Venice is something I always wanted to experience.

    Also, visiting Brazil during the FIFA World Cup would be amazing!
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      Oct 14 2011: Don't bother with Venice. Been there. Sucks. It's a tourist trap, you'll hate it.
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      Oct 14 2011: Venice is very beauitful,and the beautiful legends is fascinating .I think you like football very much and want to play with the world-class football team .

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