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Does travel help to promote understanding and communication between countries?

In my opinion, travelling assists people by encouraging them so as to improve their cultural interaction and language.

  • Oct 17 2011: Traveling really does improve ones personal understanding and look deep in to the culture of the imprves ur personal skills, selfconfidance and the way to communicate with peoples of different areas and even same country u have dozzons of diffrent type of local; traditions and way of living. i have been to europe, middle east and china and to be honest its does improve ur understanding to the people u r visiting and to their culture and traditions and u do learn alot from them.
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    Oct 17 2011: we often think about remote countries as abstract entities. china this and that, india this and that, blah blah. it is easy to see "china" as an enemy, and india a place where poor people mass produce clothing. once you go there, and see the people face to face, it has an effect to remove such abstract views, and enables to treat them as brothers.

    it is easy to say "china starts trade war, we need to fight back" or similar sentiments if you think about china as an entity. but it is much harder to accept such views if you consider 1.3 billion fathers and mothers and sons and daughters trying to improve their lives.
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    Oct 13 2011: I believe life itself is a Journey :)

    I read a lot and I watch a lot of movies and documentaries , but my life changing experience was my last two trips to Europe, if anyone told me that this is gonna change my view of the world as dramatic as it did , I won't have believed it myself, it was truly eye opening, gave me a whole new perspective.

    I always thought books are my ultimate destination, you can get things from them that you can't get anywhere else , but now I believe people , their culture and my love for them is my ultimate destination. You can read many books about cultures but there is nothing like looking at people and seeing it in their eyes.

    By the way it says you are from Turkey , big congrats on tourist attraction , you seems to be doing really well and that is wonderful not just Economically but has huge cultural advantages as well.
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    Oct 13 2011: It can certainly enhance understanding but it can also contribute to prejudices and misunderstanding. Everyone who travels should be aware that they are guests in another country, that they represent their home country whether they want to or not and kindness and politeness matter.
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    Oct 13 2011: Ya..... obviously .....

    It lets one to know more about the cultures and the basic and ancient trends of any particular country .....
    This also leads to common increase in the communication and understanding ...
  • Oct 13 2011: Travel is a on going process that gives an opportunity to explore yourself (your ideas, culture, tradition) and it helps in understanding the people across the world and create a path for communication.
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    Oct 13 2011: It does and quite significantly; it let you know the kind of worries-troubles of lives of people living in different countries, and also about the things which don't worry them at all. It also helps to make decisions and tackle the fears.
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    Oct 13 2011: So,DO you like travel or did you encountered something that make you unhappy when you travelled?
    I want to travel the whole world ,include your country.
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      Oct 16 2011: you mentioned that of course the place must welcome the people who travels to. Maybe you didnt need to say :) thanks for your sharing.
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        Oct 17 2011: aha,I am sorry for the Slip of the tongue .
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    Oct 13 2011: I think travelling can make people know different cultures and understand more about the people's life
    in there .In this way,they can understanding and love it ,of course the place must welcome the people who
    travels to .
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      Oct 13 2011: Hi chou.
      I agree with you ;) interpersonal communication is one of the most important impact on understanding. Nobody wants to talk to people who approach aloofly. If people travelling manage to find an appropriate host person, they cannot bring about their purposes.