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Could "dictator" be abolished from the global lexicon by 2012?

Through the use of technology (especially social media), we are seeing people unify to stand up against issues in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and others. It is only the second month of 2011 and we have already seen more political revolutions than even previously conceivable. An interesting food-for-thought item is to think about how soon the idea of a dictator could be completely abolished.

  • Feb 25 2011: Well... dictators in the Middle East will disappear by 2012, but North Korea still exists.

    Actually, North Korea prohibits online communications between ordinary people because dictator Kim doesn't want political revolution in North Korea
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    Feb 25 2011: That's a nice thought. But I think North Korea will probably still be a dictatorship in 2012 :-(
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    Mar 3 2011: think at China , no chances
  • Feb 28 2011: i don't think so...firstly because dictatorship is by nature a bully with a fancy tag...he is someone who believes that might is right and uses force to enforce his will on the weak. It is a law of nature that sooner or later the strong always overpowers the weak. So as long as that flaw remains in human nature, of believing that one is right and others are wrong and that everyone else must conform to our thinking or will, there will be dictators.
    Coming to the topic of the revolutions, weren't most dictators a by-product of revolutions which had run out of steam and were unable to create a democratic state forcing a military takeover of the state.
  • Feb 26 2011: There was a Spartan arguing with an Athenian about the spread of democracy. Finally, the Spartan said, ''If you are so keen on democracy, start with your family.

    This world of ours has a long way to go before we are rid of dictators.

    Consider post-revolutionary social systems. Should revolutionary masses accept the high unemployment and poverty which accompanies capitalism? There may come a time, not too far down the road, when Western leaders are happy that the military has intervened and restored ''stability.''
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    Feb 26 2011: It would be nice if it ceased to exist, however, I don't think it's happening anytime soon.
  • Feb 25 2011: Not. A. Chance.

    Dictators have existed throughout history. You think they are going to disappear because of Twitter?
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    Feb 25 2011: well with everything going on in the middle east. all these revolutions, I think yes it stands a chance.