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What should our main focus be....Saving the environment OR Preparing for the changes and adapting to the environment?

The environment has been gradually changing ever since the planet came into being....Life on this planet has always been adapting to the changes.
Evolution has been a key to survival of life on the planet.
Thousands of creatures evolved to adapt to their surroundings. They didn't try to change the surroundings.

My point is no matter what we do to improve the climate, save the just wont'll never be enough...there are around 196 countries in the world.....More than 7 billion people on this planet... increasing every second. Of the 196 countries, 161 countries are underdeveloped or developing. The race is on...the number of vehicles, factories, etc, sources of pollution are only there is no point to stop the change...its like trying to stop the wind with your'll just blow past.

So, what if we use our intelligence...humanity's most powerful weapon,resource ...whatever you may call prepare for tomorrow....instead of trying to change tomorrow. Focus on adapting...inventing...innovating... What do you think is the best path to take?

Closing Statement from vishnu narang

Well i guess we can conclude that both the aspects are important and we need to work hard for both..."Saving the environment" AND "Preparing for the changes & adapting to the environment"
They are like 2 sides of the coin...but without one side the coin has no yup "both" is the answer to this conversation.

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    Jozef K

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    Oct 24 2011: Our main focus should be alweys on changing our selfs , means meditating and self realisation which means evolution of our selfs because ONLY tru self realisation we get in the end complete fullfilement and tru self realisation we influence our sorrounding in the best evolutive way and fastest maner
  • Oct 18 2011: No one has ever gotten everyone to totally agree on any subject-just too much diversity.
    Our planet is now doing its own form of clean up & there is nothing we can do at this time to prevent it, but we may be able to slow it down a bit if at least 1/2 of the population worked together. I personality don't see that happening. Our best bet is to learn how to adapt to the up coming changes. By doing both we just might stand a chance of continuing the human race.
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    Oct 16 2011: Both is better. And maybe others point of view. Why not more focus?
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    Oct 15 2011: Vidhnu, I respectfully disagree with your arguement. The world is damaged but it is still salvagable. We, as humans, are responsible for pollution and we should be responsible for fixing it. I truely believe that we can fix our ecological problems by using our power, our wealth, and our intelligence. Creating less pollution and using renewable energy will not change the quality of life except to make it better. If we do nothing to stop this ecological disaster, then no amount of preperation will ready us for the future.
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      Oct 16 2011: @Jake : Well sir i do agree that we humans are responsible and yes we shall create less pollution and use renewable energy ....AT LEAST lets we all can do that....but sir...fixing the problem is out of may not be impossible but its not at all feasible on such a large scale...
      And sir consider the population around the world....not everybody is educated like us...people are only surviving to live a bit longer....they don't care about environment....they have lots of other things to worry about....
      in fact...i'll admit that in INDIA i have many educated friends who do know about the environment crises and consequences but they simply don't care and do nothing...wasting fuel is a habit, not using dustbins , burning stuff instead of putting it into the public bin...all this is a fact...and its about the majority of the population around the my argument is while we are trying to correct our mistakes....lets also accept the punishment and prepare....finding alternative fuels or energy sources....advancement in medical science to combat new diseases...that is more important right now...
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        Oct 16 2011: You make some very valid points about the fact that many people are uneducated about pollution and even if they were educated, their livelyhood depends on doing something that is ecologically damaging.

        For instance, in third world countries, we pile our garbage (mostly plastics) onto their land. They are poor and welcome the oppertunity to dig through trash and hopefully find something of value (metal or anything salvagable). But, a TED member recently invented a way to recycle plastics in a cheap and efficent way. If these plastic recycling factories can be comericalized, then we will be able to stop using fossile fuels for energy and instead use plastic. This will not only create energy but also clean up plastics.

        Now, I am telling you this because it shows proof that there are ways to cut down pollution and create a better world. I am not saying to stop advancments in medical science or to stop looking for new alternative energy solutions. I am saying that if we are truely commited it may be possible to minimize the problem we have created. Pollution will never go away entirely, but maybe we can create a greener, cleener world.
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          Oct 16 2011: Well i completely agree....there is a way out...but its difficult... commercializing the process will take time and efforts which i doubt people take....and doing it on such a large wont be easy at all....but yeah...we can conclude that there has to be equal efforts on both sides....right?
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        Oct 16 2011: Yes I agree, everyone must work on both sides to clean up the planet. Hopefully soon people will understand the importance of perserving the world.
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    Oct 13 2011: How about both.