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Can a person really be selfless? Or is it a fact that everyone is and has to be selfish...whats your view?

The reason I ask this is around me I find everyone being very selfish in all regards....i personally feel that I get used by others when they need me and they move on after that....It's really difficult to find someone who is not so selfish in this generation.

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      Oct 13 2011: sorry but i beg to differ....some people are important and close to you...and you cant be selfish with them...
      Atleast i feel so....i can be selfish with my best friend...but i can be selfish with others....
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    Oct 13 2011: The most generous man i ever met was also the most selfish. He loved to give. Does every transaction have a pay off.?
    I work with young people who most might argue are selfish, but a lot of the time they are just trying to survive. Have you read The Selfish Gene? Hmmm. You shouldnt allow people to use you mate. Sometimes their is resiprocity at work as in you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours but its kind of sucks when people are looking for the pay back. So much nicer to give freely. Important also i guess to ask for help when you need it. Yes Vishnu, these are selfish times but it is a wonderful treat when you are or meet a genuinely kind person. Not all can be that. Not all people get there. Good luck!
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      Oct 13 2011: i completely agree with you sir....these are selfish times...and yeah its not so easy to meet a genuinely kind person....but its difficult to avoid impostors....at least for me....i mean i find it difficult at first sight to judge a person....it takes me time....
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    Oct 13 2011: I believe that there are examples of selfless people. These are the ones who risk it all for another person. While there is a lot of debate in the literature, I am convinced that some of humanity's mountain peak moments happen when people are selfless.
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      Oct 14 2011: well i believe one such incident does not make them selfless does it...
      nobody risks it all for someone else all the time...its just one of those days when they do....
      i'm still not convinced that people can be completely selfless....
      I agree that selfless deeds make great things to happen...and i try my best to follow that....but i can admit that some where at some point of time even i get selfish....because people will only take advantage of you if you are always kind...i'v been through it...trust me it hurts...
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        Oct 16 2011: To negate the concept of selflessness seems to me to be crucial to several philosophies these days. Exploiting of others is more difficult if anyone admits that others might be selfless. Ayn Rand is revealed as just another selfish jerk if there are selfless people. Why isn't it enough that people are obviously selfless at certain points in time. Why must it be all or nothing to be valid?
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          Oct 17 2011: because if its all or nothing....then everyone becomes selfless.....and everyone becomes selfish....
          and i'm not saying that it should be all or nothing....but atleast 90% selflessness and 10% selfishness will also do....and i dont know of anyone who can fill that one....