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I believe the right to a health-care is a basic human right..what can we do to make that a reality?

While overseeing a project on Health Care, realized that world over the average spending on healthcare by respective government is less then 6% of their budgets which leaves nearly 95% of population with no Healthacre benefits.


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  • Oct 12 2011: Health care is a very multifaceted issue and an important one in our day and age. My advice would to be for The United States to take a closer look at health care in European countries. Although I'm pretty sure that those same countries elected their officials with having their health care liberties in mind. For some reason in America it seems that the media and consensus is that not every one should have health care for some reason; if we wanted it bad enough we would elect the officials that would make that change. I'm 28, I work full time and have since 16 and I've never had healthcare.
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      Oct 12 2011: Hey,man. What I want to say is that I do agree with you. First, it is no one can deny that the importance of heathcare. Second, America don't care much about figures unless it's about $$$ by zillions --the American doctrine. to this extent, I claim that America should take a amzingly closer view of other country,for instance,European countries, Canada, your neighberhood, Japan, and other region where done well. From the point of my view, I can feel your feelings, hope you have a great emotion, come on,boy,yesterday is history,tomorrow is mystery.

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