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What is the best way to learn algebra, math, precalculus, calculus.... ?

What is the best way to learn this subjects? how can we learn it in easy and fun way? what is the best resourses for it?

  • Oct 12 2011: There is no one "best way" to learn anything. "Best" depends on your goal, and your personal learning style. To figure out your style, think back to something you learned enjoyably. You will need to figure out just what made that particular learning experience fun and effective. Then, apply those factors to your present learning endeavor.

    I find, for instance, that I have more fun learning something that has an immediate personal use; for math, think of a story problem that includes scenarios you face.

    Perhaps visualization of a problem is easier for you than staring at an equation. In that case, learning how to draw the problem will be helpful; pay increased attention to diagrams, graphs, and illustrations in your text book. Calculus is very geometric, so increasing your visualization skills should help.

    If passing a test in your school requires memorization, then repeated practice, that is to say repetition, will prove effective. Do the alternate set of problems (eg. do the evens if homework was odds). If you don't have an alternate set, the repeat the homework problems to really nail them down. Physically writing the solutions again will help retention better than just scanning your returned homework.

    If the test questions are likely to be different from your homework questions, which was my schooling experience, then practice will not help since it won't teach you to think outside the homework box. In that case, ask your teacher what he/she thinks will help increase your ability in that direction. Hopefully the teacher will suggest some relevant, outside-the-box practice problems. If he won't help (and I've had teachers like that), then you need to seek advice elsewhere: former students, other members of the faculty, professionals outside school.
  • Oct 12 2011: Hi Zack!

    As far as the best way for learning mathematics, the tried and true method is the same as all subjects: Practice!

    My favorite resource for math learning, especially for someone who wants to start out beginning in algebra or earlier, is definitely The website has hundreds of tutorial videos on all kinds of subjects, and an extensive math resource pool that reaches all the way into calculus. Check out Salman Khan's talk about Khan academy for more information on it.

    Beyond that, just get into the habit of studying and keep working hard! If you have questions there are plenty of people out there who can answer them for you!
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      Oct 12 2011: THANK YOU I NEEDED THAT SITE!!!!!!!
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    Oct 12 2011: Doing them over and over again.
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    Oct 12 2011: The best way as previously stated is in real application, often its taught to you in an abstract manor that doesn't really engage the students, so honestly I believe you must have a good teacher who is willing and capable of making it easy to understand.