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Suppose you're sent on a 2-year mission to Mars. You're only allowed to carry 5kg of stuff. What will you take along?

In an effort to be minimalistic and become resource-conscious consumers, a simple thought experiment may help.

Suppose you were sent on a 2 year mission to Mars, and you can carry only 5kg of personal luggage with you. Which will the items in your space suitcase be?

The items have to conform to the following criteria:

-they don't consume any energy
-they must be recyclable
-they must be non-toxic to humans and eventual martians
-they must be light-weight and durable
-they must make you happy

Not easy being a minimalist?

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    Oct 11 2011: 4900g blank paper and 100 g of pensils.
    There is nothing worse than having nothing to write with.
    • Oct 12 2011: Pretty much sums up what I was thinking. Maybe a pencil sharpener too.