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Is email is dead - this year social media became more popular than email. Is there a future for email?

email is great for sending information at the speed of light. But is it the best way to convey understanding, reason, conversation - is it effective communication.
Are there better ways of communicating that replace email ?
OR is it because of poor email etiquette that people are turning away from email?
is there a new generation entering the workforce who don't use email but do use facebook and IM.
Perhaps pen and paper is better in some circumstances


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    Nov 9 2011: How we communicate, both in language and the platforms we use to host exchange of ideas are constantly in flux. We are always trying new conventions and based on collective determination of efficiency we evolve modern conventions. One only needs to look at the evolution of language (by the way Stephen Pinker has some most enjoyable books on these topics) to see how this can apply to this question too. I have absolutely noted that different age groups or functions within businesses and communities I work in are adapting and changing their communication styles and mediums - blackberry messenger was incredibly popular with teenagers alongside the presumed ubiquitous Facebook. Social media communication doctrines have also started integration with more conventional/traditional platforms like e-mail clients or even purpose built business tools like CRM. Both consumers and businesses are casually adopting these mechanisms.

    Right now, both platforms are useful and oct people make use of both of them for different scenarios (I still write letters too!) but personally I feel e-mail, social media and IM are on a path to collide much more. Various technology advances also make voice and video interesting players here again.

    It's personal and the bell curve usual wins ;-)

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