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Is email is dead - this year social media became more popular than email. Is there a future for email?

email is great for sending information at the speed of light. But is it the best way to convey understanding, reason, conversation - is it effective communication.
Are there better ways of communicating that replace email ?
OR is it because of poor email etiquette that people are turning away from email?
is there a new generation entering the workforce who don't use email but do use facebook and IM.
Perhaps pen and paper is better in some circumstances


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    Si Xie 10+

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    Oct 19 2011: I think the way of communication that discuss here basically are Email, Social Network and Traditional pen and paper.

    For traditional pen and paper, some people are still keep writing letters or postcard these day, but it's began to be a kind of habit, like to present greeting or being romantic. It is still really nice way to communication, but it just not efficient. But writing can be something precious and it's tangible.

    For email, I still believe it is the most useful way in any field you want to apply, although email may not have the high speed as IM can have, but you can contain a lot of material in a email, and email can be clear and formal. Normally, I will contact my friend on IM then send material like attachment through email, email can also be a place to store files. Moreover, email can use between you and anybody: your friends, parents, professor...aha, you need email to receive register confirm letter!

    For social network, it just a little bit public platform to stress your opinion and message. Normally the information is short, but always the most fresh in-thing.

    I think that some of the social network provide you both IM function and email function. You can chat with friend on it, and if you wanna write something a little bit long, then you can send a long 90message in that website too. For instance, Gmail, you have Gtalk and Gmail in the same webpage, which I really like it! :)

    I think that nowadays email are become more functional than before..so it can be died that soon..

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