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Is email is dead - this year social media became more popular than email. Is there a future for email?

email is great for sending information at the speed of light. But is it the best way to convey understanding, reason, conversation - is it effective communication.
Are there better ways of communicating that replace email ?
OR is it because of poor email etiquette that people are turning away from email?
is there a new generation entering the workforce who don't use email but do use facebook and IM.
Perhaps pen and paper is better in some circumstances


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    Oct 12 2011: I can't imagine when a company will send me a job offer using social media .. e-mail will always be there ...
    • Oct 20 2011: I get job offers through linked in - a social media site?
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        Oct 20 2011: from what kind of companies and for what kind of jobs ? Not all employers have linkedin profiles .. In my area of research getting a post-doc position wont happen through linked in

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