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Is email is dead - this year social media became more popular than email. Is there a future for email?

email is great for sending information at the speed of light. But is it the best way to convey understanding, reason, conversation - is it effective communication.
Are there better ways of communicating that replace email ?
OR is it because of poor email etiquette that people are turning away from email?
is there a new generation entering the workforce who don't use email but do use facebook and IM.
Perhaps pen and paper is better in some circumstances


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    Oct 11 2011: I think people dont use Emails and Social media for same purpose as of now.

    Emails will not be dead anytime soon at least for professional/business purposes. For personal use too, email is still is relevant because of easy filing, searching, tabulation features. The walls and the tweets are still under wide public domain and people still dont feel very secure using them and thus I dont think they share very personal content either as they can do in emails.

    Social Media has replaced or is replacing the Social Life which people used to live in real world. The BIG difference is virtual life is far more convenient (cost, time, energy) as compared to real world life. Revolutions have been happening in past 3000 years, people have been sharing their views, pics, songs also for reasonable time and they will still keep on doing that.

    However, with time Social media platforms will get better, secure, reliable and converge all the email features. Perhaps emails would be redundant.

    But the the growth, innovation has been happening in non-linear fashion. Who knows whats the next big bubble, next big thing, better than what we imagined, is just round the corner !!
    • Oct 20 2011: I find it really interesting how most posts say social media is not for business. I think this is because people make social media synonomous with Facebook. So I do understand no one wants their boss to see their facebook page. However, there are other social media sites like Linkedin for instance that is purely for business. So its the functionality and uses of social media that makes it a better tool than email. Social media is being taken very seriously by businesses, its just that it does not have to mean facebook. Does that help clarify a little why email could be replaced?
      thanks again for posting its greatly appreciated

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