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How can Iranian actress be helped to avoid savage and injust sentence?

Iranian actress Marzieh Vafamehr has been sentenced to one year in prison and is due to recieve 90 lashes for taking part in the controversial movie "My tehran for sale".
What can be done to stop that?

Closing Statement from Helena Ripoll Hazell

Thank you Krisztián, Griffin and Debra for taking the time to enter this conversation.

I am sure we all share the same sentiment about this subject.

It's sometimes very hard to convey the right tone when writing and by no means I thought Krisztián was trying to make me feel silly, I actually don't need much help for that, I do it myself and rather often! But I would've had no problem with his response if instead of saying 'why save an actress and not save other milillions?' he would've said 'Why save one person and not the other millions?' However, I admit, I'm probably slightly touchy on that one because I was in the Industry.

Debra, you have such big heart.

Grifffin, I am so happy for you. Enjoy the smoking free life and thank you for making me feel better.

I look forward to meeting you all in future conversations.

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    Oct 11 2011: Have each of us notified our respective Departments of Foreign affairs or our ambassador to Iran?
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    Oct 11 2011: iran is a dictatorship, and quite evil at that. why save an actress, and not save the other millions who live there? how many people were whipped and/or imprisoned, tortured or killed at the same time in iran? i don't want actresses be any more safe than any other citizen there.
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      Oct 11 2011: Neither do I and maybe I'm being assuming here, but I doubt you would've responded in the same way to my question if I had omitted the fact that Marzieh is an actress.

      It's not that I care less for others and I'm sure I could've posed the question in a different way that would've maybe appealed more to you or others. I was upset about the news when I wrote it and it was just my way of trying to raise awareness about a subject that affects me.

      The film industry can be very influential, it has the privilege of being able to use art as a powerful tool to promote change in a peaceful and harmless manner. She is no more special than anyone else but she still needs help and your reply was of no contribution to her or to any other who may be in the same position.

      Thank you anyway for at least taking the time to read my question. I know there's no real answer to it because we all know what's so, I guess I just needed to rant about what was upsetting news for me.
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          Oct 11 2011: Hello Griffin,

          You're very right in what you say. I actually feel less silly now for posing the question in the first place. Thank you.

          I hope you're keeping well