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When did we as human beings lose our child like nature? When did we give up on our dreams and goals?

I'm a Senior in High School and I have begun to notice that I'm not as playful as I used to be. I don't joke about stuff and I'm way more serious. Yes I understand this is growing up but do I really have to undergo this process to fit in to main stream society. So my question when did we lose ourselves when did we allow circumstances and people around us to determine who we should be?


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    Oct 11 2011: nah, you don't need to undergo that process.
    Just stay playfull... Though losing the energy of your child-years might be logical, and your ability of nuanced thinking will also increase.

    But you don't need to become serious (or take things more serious than they are)...

    For those who do give up their dreams: their bad.
    Go for your (realistic) dreams. reality might be limiting, but within those borders, the possibilities ard endless.
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      Oct 12 2011: How do I stay playful?
      • Oct 12 2011: The TV series, South Park, detailed a situation like yours and offered a solution.

        I believe the miracle elixir is called alcohol.
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        Oct 12 2011: Play games with friends!

        And do silly things once in a while... (not stupid things though).

        Play in real life: see what things you can create with all the pieces that are lying around everywhere (on a metaphoric level, though you can do it literal too).

        Do things that are tons of fun!
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      Oct 13 2011: I agree with Christophe. The question already contains the assumption that we all lost our childhood nature and gave up dreaming...

      Well that makes me an outcast, I am in outer space, with Tee Cee...

      Dreaming is a constant state for me, yet I don't sit still. I think, I tinker with philosophy every now and then, I pray, meditate, and keep aware (the soul is key), I share with friends and strangers alike, I stay informed, I teach, I write, I paint, I play, I laugh, I cry, I love, I find issues (or they find me) and organize solutions... I am.

      Are you? If not, maybe the question should be when did you lose that? (no, I am not a psychiatrist from Manhattan)

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