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When did we as human beings lose our child like nature? When did we give up on our dreams and goals?

I'm a Senior in High School and I have begun to notice that I'm not as playful as I used to be. I don't joke about stuff and I'm way more serious. Yes I understand this is growing up but do I really have to undergo this process to fit in to main stream society. So my question when did we lose ourselves when did we allow circumstances and people around us to determine who we should be?


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    Oct 12 2011: So how can I keep my playful nature while adjusting to the harsh realities of the world?
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      Oct 13 2011: It seem to me that the more we are held responsible for out actions, the more careful we become about doing anything. We can still be playful or have a good time but in ways that does not take away someone else's comfort or freedom. As we grow up we also find it important how others (specially if we love them) think of us and let that dominate our behaviour (or dress :).
      We can stop playing with Lego but now choose other ways to enjoy technology or nature, depending on how much money we have :)
      But in order to stay playfull you have to decide to stay playfull and not take yourself too seriously. A nice side-effect is you'll be happier and probably live a longer life too :)

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