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I've read about implant microchips in human body. What do you think about this issue?

The idea scares me, but I'm not surprised at all. Is this a control mechanism? they might know everything about us whenever and wherever they want. What we eat, where we go, all about our bank accounts, our medical history. They even might change our moods. Are you ready to give up your personal freedom?

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    Oct 14 2011: OMG! ...and now that I think of it, GMO... FDA... CIA... FMI... ;-)

    Seriously now. I am not sure who THEY are, but they are already watching, Ana.

    They already have access to most of your moves. If you want to know, the information on economic control, political manipulation, mass control, web espionage, subliminal messages on media (printed, TV, cinema, radio, web) is out there.

    So what else will a microchip do? Probably take the only thing we still have left: our will.

    If the moment comes, I am not sure we will have an option... Like they say back at home, estamos fritos!
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      Oct 21 2011: Yet, with a little research and some planning and life style changes you can become basically invisible to the electronic spying of the world. Look at there a loads of books on how to disappear if you are not a criminal. I would love to disappear from telemarketers and fund raisers.
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        Oct 24 2011: I hear you :-) Tell me how you are going to "disappear" from the cameras installed all over town, all over the world. I thought it was just in US, but I noticed that London is plagued with cameras too.Granted, there are times when they are very useful. But we traded this for our privacy.
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    Oct 11 2011: I'm giving up a lot of my personal freedom already. People don't need microchips to get to me. They use money and law enforcement.
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    Oct 11 2011: Sometime ago I wrote in my own blog in 2009, "we can do something does not mean that we have to do that" ( I was watching the sixth sense technology lecture by Pranav Mistry in TED India forum. No doubt it is a nice idea and I appreciate that. I was checking the comments, and, as expected too many people are excited. That time I had no idea that people actually working on implanting chips.
    There I wrote, "I was dreaming a little further. Suppose I can implant a microprocessor in one’s brain (that can communicate with his own senses), attach that with a broadband network and then enable the person to communicate with the world without any more external device, at any time, day or night. He can get any data, any picture or just anything available in the web. He will be able to store huge information there in his head and never forget anything. If I am successful in doing that and give a lecture on TED forum, I think I will get huge “congratulations” for “extraordinary innovation”, ....."Do we need such a (bionic) person in the first place? Will that (bionic) person be a better human being, more genius in inventing or innovating? Will it be worth doing so? Should there any of that kind of technology be invented or be allowed? Answer for any of those questions is a big “NO” for me. It seems that it’s almost impossible to make many people understand that we can do something does not mean that we HAVE to do that."
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    Oct 11 2011: Well, I think there are different types of possible applications regarding microchips in human bodies. I don't it would necessarily mean that "they" will know everything. At least not more than they already know about us through our credit cards, membership cards, and medical records. In certain cases, I think it would be handy... imagine you could never lose your credit card again, because it would be a microchip right under your skin (or ON your skin, as recent research has found materials with new adhesive qualities). As with every true innovation, a legal and ethical framework needs to be built. Maybe it would be delayed (as for example the legal framework for the internet and online commerce), but it would be installed. So although I may sound a little too optimistic, I don't think I would lose my personal freedom due to a microchip. And yes, I would get one.
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      Oct 12 2011: First of all, thanks for your opinion. I respect your position, however, from my point of view it's such a sort of conspiracy. They sell us the idea with the excuse that they are protecting us from terrorism and to make life easier but it's nothing more than a Big Brother that will watch us even more closely. it seems excessive to me!!
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    Oct 24 2011: Question #1 Do you really want to disappear
    Change your physical featuresEliminate all bank accounts and credit cards
    Do not go to town during the day
    Wear a variety of hats that you change constantly
    Move to a community with no cameras
    Do nothing illegal and you could care less if they take your picture with a camera
    Finally, ham it up in front of the camera, sing, dance, act.
    Nothing is more annoying than some one who is a camera addict and my guess is that they will forget you as soon as possible.
    Just some ideas as I could care less about cameras myself.
    Have a blessed day
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    Oct 21 2011: My 80+ year old mother has an implanted microchip that keeps her heart working regularly. My dogs both have implanted micro chips so that if they are lost or stolen I can get them back. My mustang horse has one also. The chip is a neutral object what it tells the reader and why it is there is the critical issue.
  • Oct 21 2011: I welcome a greater synthesis between the technical and biological. Think of the enormous possibilities for aiding the disabled. Imagine if someone could walk again, see again, or hold their child again by merely impanting a chip into the body. Wouldn't that be reason enough?
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      Oct 21 2011: Paul, have you seen the TED talk on the Ethics of Microbiology? I saw it and it is a great talk you might be interested in.
  • Oct 14 2011: I wouldn't get one for the same reasons you stated and my freedom is rapidly eroding, Big brother is watching us,. George Orwell call your office.
  • Oct 13 2011: I'd never get that for the very reason you stated.
    Our personal freedoms are lessening year after year and I don't want to support that or speed up the process.