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Why isn't there more coverage of the Right2Know March, 300,000 from NY to DC happening right now, Oct 2-16th, to get GMOs labeled???

GMOs are threatening food stability worldwide, threaten health worldwide in our food supply, and there is so much money spent on news orgs, even PBS, that no one is talking about this march to get all GMOs labeled. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT'S IN OUR FOOD!


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    Oct 11 2011: I'm sorry, Geoffrey, you're an American consumer. Shut up and swallow. You have no right to protest. And if you do, we'll just ignore it. That's the way corporate America operates. You're not allowed to change this modus operandi either, or you'll be an enemy of the state.

    American freedom is basically the freedom to consume. Nothing more, nothing less. Sad, but true.
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      Oct 11 2011: Laurens --

      What if consumer America stopped swallowing so much and started walking off the corporate calories to free their body of GMO toxins, catalyze depression-fighting endorphins and capture the imaginations and attentions of a few high-level public health pundits and policymakers minds via media coverage?

      Might be a happy solution on a few fronts, if not all. And beats the alternative of couch-potatism induced pathologies produced and abetted by "consume or die" histrionics.

      And, I bet you good chocolate on this one:

      If enough people participate, there WILL be execs who see the PR possibilities and policymaking prudence of joining this and other movements.

      Remember -- if I win: GOOD, non-GMO chocolate ;-).

      (Did you know moderate "doses" of such seratonin-stimulating chocolate can be good for both physical and psychological health?)

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        Oct 12 2011: Andrea,
        believe it or not, as it happens, I work in the cocoa sector. I produce organic cocoa beans in Cameroon. So the bet's not a challenge for me :-)
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          Oct 12 2011: Laurens --

          Hmmmm, this IS interesting.

          And -- a very good sign, I say! That the universe, mother earth, the organic cocoa bean sector, et al, are with me on this one!

          I look forward to my "winnings." ;-).


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