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How important is Trust in good business?

How important is Trust in good business? Is it possible to build good sustainable businesses without it? Consider trust amongst partners, co workers, management/staff, management/Board, business/customers. What degree of Trust or lack thereof is acceptable to you? Where does your Trust requirement rise or fall, why?

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    Feb 27 2011: It is possible, but expensive, to build a business without developing trust. It is impossible to build a "good" or sustainable business without trust.

    In business, social, economic and environmental forms of trust come into play. Social trust is between people. Economic trust relates to transactional systems and environmental trust has to do with physical realities around us.

    Trust is an absolute requirement for good business, if "good" refers to a good life, good people and good times.
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    Feb 26 2011: In the end it's all that we have.