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Thoughts on the Open Government Project by the Academy that started this year. Is this a great idea and how do you think you can contribute?

Here is the video of the project....

  • Oct 11 2011: Here is a little more about the Open Government Project, Partnership and the list of countries that have signed so far.
    I know of a few similar projects going on in my country and love it. Of course only time, patience and hard work will show future results and if this can work out to benefit everyone.
  • Oct 10 2011: Well, more people today have access to technology. An internet connection. There are also free operation systems now available such as UBUNTU - african word for UNITY - WHAT HAPPENS TO ME, HAPPENS TO OTHERS AND VICE VERSA (really cool team of people behind it). Sure enough more computers with OS and internet connection would be awesome as well as some basic civil activism and civil right classses....however do you know a country that has civil rights classes...not many. People have in some countries began collecting government and civil information to stop and expose corruption, too many voter counts and similar issues. And with IT and gadgets we have it is even more easier to reach others, plan and provide open information - 100 % transparent. Well considering the crisis, I do firmly believe that people will come to realize that this approach could save the future generations a lot of time, issues and problems. For instance, after the quake in Japan and the nuclear disaster and tsunami - people got all the TEPCO information on the illegitimit running of the nuclear plants and protested as well as cooperating into brining electricity and water to the affected areas. Hum, welll as long as too much profit, greed and fear steps in, I think this has huge potential even if it encounters huge opression in start. But I guess we need to start somewhere. My country started a few awesome open projects...problem right now it fear and lack of proper marketing and technological ends.
  • Oct 10 2011: Awesome video!
    It successfully outlines some key issues we need to hit.

    The problem is that most of these issues are pretty obvious and have been pursued for a very long long time.
    What angle would make this succeed where others have failed?