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are we learning to combine the fear of death with excitement?

For example, Lots of people like to do extreme sports now, ( im not against extreme sports) but hey there is a reason why is called "extreme" you can get physically hurt in the process, but it doesnt matter because there is something that makes you excited.
Every time i look at funny videos in tv or internet, most of the people in those videos are getting hurt, and others just laugh about it. Iv notice that kind of videos or programs and movies are the ones that keep the majority of us entertain.
Lots of people like scary,thriller, action movies... usually people have to die in those movies, and the suspense of not knowing how and when death is gonna happen is what keep us watching it. In reality for us is the same thing, we dont know when or how is gonna happen, and is not fun to think about it, but yet now in days people is doing more things that can risk their lives.
So whats your opinion about it?

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    Oct 11 2011: Risk taking is something we've evolved at a time where it was well worth it to break your neck if it brought tons of food to your family.
    Today, men mostly, have this need unquenched. Extreme sports or dumbass driving is a good way to get your risk-taking-happiness.

    And of course, as with the romans' gladiators, an audience can experience the thrill by just watchin.

    It has nothing to do with our modern society, or internet or whatever. It's a universal thing. We've always liked risk, men at least. Again, I hate clichés, but risk is probably the biggest differents between sexes.
  • Oct 10 2011: Hmmm... I would argue that because there are more people with more ways of instant communicating, we are just a bit more "aware" of daredevils. There has always been the few (Amelia Earhart for example) that constantly push the envelope.