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A website to help individuals to record and track their personnel career plans. The data can be matched with an appropriate opportunity
A site which enables individuals to plan their future career and get career planning advice from professionals, Career Switch will differentiate itself by
1. Going the extra mile to match the job based on the individuals passion
2. Support/guide to achieve the individuals goals / career mentor ship
3. It will be a hybrid between online and voice touch to the individuals - also by doing this we are building a barrier to the new entrants
4. Revenue sharing model
Traditional job sites enables individuals to find the match/alert based on past experience/interest which leads to job dis-satisfaction

Main stream Revenue model :
1. Similar to the headhunters : Charge towards vacancies fulfillment
2. No charge to the end users
Additional revenue model :
1.Referrals / Leads to training institutions
2. If a shortage for any specific skillset for a industry ; Find suitable candidates to undergo any special corporate customized education program to qualify for a job.
3.Advertisement revenue