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What can we do about the constant rise of depression and suicide in young adults?

I am seventeen years of age and have recently come out of a large stage of my life where I dealt with a lot of depression. I have dealt with and still deal with people in high school (and even middle school in some cases) that deal with depression every single day and never have anyone that they talk to about their problems.

I have known people that have committed suicide from the weight of depression upon their shoulders throughout their lives, and have heard about these cases all over the world. I, myself, have been driven to the point where I thought that the only way out of my depression was by suicide because there was nothing to help me.

I want to know your opinions and ideas on the subject of depression and suicide in young adults today and what we can do to prevent these problems in the future. Thanks for listening!


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    Oct 31 2011: Around a week ago I was depressed for a day after weeks of hypomania.(My longest depression lasted about four months.) I found these three takes on a depressive outlook, poignant in their symbolism of loss, cruelty and loneliness.

    "The Calculus of Friendship - Steven Strogatz http://youtu.be/9piYoYqIf3I I loved watching this again today.
    The Last Picture Show: Sweeping http://youtu.be/GgZx_vQcgHo And this brings out tears as always.
    First Orbit - the movie http://youtu.be/RKs6ikmrLgg And this long breathtaking movie also. The incomprehensibility and beauty tearing apart something."
    Quoting myself at the time.

    My youngest brother, Daniel, committed suicide a few years ago. He was 35 years old and had probably been depressed for a long time. He made his first suicide attempt as a teenager.
    After the incomprehensible extremeness of his action I did my best to ignore it. I hoped that he thought of it as a mistake and that it would never happen again. He seemed to be feeling better.
    I could not help him.
    Daniel was unusually kind and helpful.
    I saw interviews with families and friends of persons who had committed suicide. They all characterised their lost ones as unusually kind and helpful.

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