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What is great storytelling?

What great TED talks demonstrate are a refined art in storytelling. But what does that really mean? How you define storytelling? What are the components of it, what are the principles, and what are the implications?

My perspective, (that I'm hoping you will build on, or contest)
Great storytelling is ultimately about capturing elegant context to the complexity and nuances of life.


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    Oct 29 2011: To me, great storytelling is being able to take the viewer, the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Being able to invoke an emotional response, whether that be hate, love, jealousy, etc.. When we are taken on a great storytelling journey, we feel a push and pull at our emotions, a feeling that maybe, just maybe for a short time...we are the character and we get engaged into this wonderful world that the creator or author has built for us.

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