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What is great storytelling?

What great TED talks demonstrate are a refined art in storytelling. But what does that really mean? How you define storytelling? What are the components of it, what are the principles, and what are the implications?

My perspective, (that I'm hoping you will build on, or contest)
Great storytelling is ultimately about capturing elegant context to the complexity and nuances of life.


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    Oct 13 2011: I believe that are some elements that compounds the art in storytelling. I think we can learn with the greatest storytellers and improve our own job/art.
    Some elements here where proposed and i think they are:
    1) make a connection :envolves the audience and the storyteller (ST). 2) its pleasure when it seems the ST are not working hard on it. 3) its pleasure when the listener don't feel that the ST are trying to convince. 4)
    Emotional elements are useful because of their power of connection with the story. An emotional element involves a knowledge of the human. it contents his desires, dreams. if we propose a theme and link them with this emotional needs i believe that we could have the audience.

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