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What is great storytelling?

What great TED talks demonstrate are a refined art in storytelling. But what does that really mean? How you define storytelling? What are the components of it, what are the principles, and what are the implications?

My perspective, (that I'm hoping you will build on, or contest)
Great storytelling is ultimately about capturing elegant context to the complexity and nuances of life.


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    Oct 11 2011: Interesting perspective. I think that what you're getting at is the audience at the end has the final say on the efficacy of the story. I look at it from the storytellers perspective, and argue that if they are able to convey a story/experience and predict the emotions the audience is experiencing at the end, then they have done an effective job of curating the experience.

    When I describe 'storytelling' in this regard, it can mean many things. It's not just a read narrative, its a journey that you are guiding.

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