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Do you think that study about the human mind will explore and unfold the truth about universe?

Someone asked,
How far is here from there?
Another one replied,
100 units;
Do you think that study about the human mind will explore and unfold the truth about universe?

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    Oct 10 2011: Maybe you gave the answer yourself already.
    We can make everything into an object but the moment we try this with the human mind it isn't a mind anymore.

    Maybe you try and give a discription of the mind?
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      Oct 19 2011: Hello,
      I think,
      Client – wires-server- is mind
      Wires got logic to think about mind and logic got its own mind to think and it’s not free
      Human mind is a client.
      The universal mind got connected to the logic mind (wires) and logic got its own mind and logic and logic mind is never connected, it’s a hidden power.
      When we sleep this logic mind take us in control without knowing the mind and logic.
      If the logic mind never takes care of us, then we won’t sleep.
      The universal mind gives us thought and the human mind gives the thought to emotions
      To feel we think
      For everything there should have a supplier and user
      So when we think actually we are not thinking we are only delivering the thought.
      The mind is only a faucet, to control and regulate the thoughts
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        Oct 21 2011: Sajeesh
        It's a difficult description that you gave.
        So I don't know if I can understand it well.

        Who's the server, who the client? In my view they're one and the same.
        The client is the server and the mind is the explorer that focuses and filters to put meaning into all it sees.

        This creates consciousness which adds up to the universal consciousness. From that link we get our basic impressions which we actualize to new meaning. This process we call thought.

        Feelings are that basic impressions from the core of our being, that being, being all there is.

        So supplier and user are one and the mind is only the faucet that transcends the one moment to the next by reshaping the present.

        Does this make sense?
  • Oct 23 2011: According to Julian Barbour, time doesn't exist. In 2004, I believe, a young New Zealander wrote the first mathematical equation that proved time doesn't exist.

    The late physicist John Wheeler coined the phrase, "time was invented so that everything wouldn't happen at once".
    But, everything is happening at once, right now, everywhere in the universe.
    Think about driving along and looking around. You see a side shot of a woman walking with her elbow up. That's it.
    Time isn't needed. You only saw one part, of many parts, which only give the illusion of time.
    Julian proposed his theory many, many years ago but no one gave it much credence back then.

    We are constantly moving from one realm into another, oh, I don't know. I'm not smart enough.

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    Oct 22 2011: yes.

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    Oct 22 2011: Do you mean faucet is "TIME"?
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    Oct 14 2011: The Telescope and Microscope, is that the same side of a coin?
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    Oct 11 2011: I think you're gonna need particle accelerators and telescope in your studies about the human mind.
  • Oct 11 2011: It could if there is a brain/mind/universe connection. Are they related in someway? After the discovery that the brain stores information in patterns (of nerve impulses spread over-throughout the brain), rather than in locations, it was discovered that electrons communicate instantaneously over any distance. This seems impossible as instantaneous exceeds the speed of light. David Bohm theorized that maybe they aren't separate after all. They are not separate and we know today that nothing is separate. It is all connected. Bohm went further to suggest the brain is a hologram and the universe too. If one halves a holographic image, each half contains the whole image. This can be repeated with the same result. Each half, or quarter and so on, of the image, has the complete image, i.e. the information in a pattern. Daniel Dennett says science can now measure the angle (movement) of a thought.
    We search for systems and stars that can support life as we understand it. We search sounds and sound patterns from space but what if we searched for light and light patterns or electrically charged patterns that mimic or match those of our brain nerve impulses and the way it stores information? The journey of human sperm mimics evolution as does the growth of a fetus. The symbolism is not lost. As we learn more about the patterns in the brain/mind, what patterns of varying information look like, how they are formed and change, etc., we might learn what to look for in space. There might be a mimicry. Thus, a connection could be made and their relationship established. Patterns of information in the brain/mind might match patterns in space and the information they contain could also match, or complete, explain or answer. Each is vast and contains it all. The universe (infinity), is (might be), a mirror image of eternity (the brain/mind). OR, I sound like an idiot child who should be smoking something.
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    Oct 10 2011: No, not really. The brain is an emergent system quite unique to itself. (Not saying there arent other like beings out there). Just dont see the connection really. Are we inside one big mind? Oh hell! Poor universe! It would be so schizophrenic at the moment.
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    Oct 10 2011: I think it will tell the truths about the universe but we will only realize it after unfolding the universe.