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Baronessa Ninna Di Val-Taranto

Fondatrice e proprietaria dell'isola Castelluccia, Sant'Angelo Custode

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Music, wine & flowers at the everlasting place.

Fall begins with trees in gold. The leaves falling down while Il Caffè del Conte opens its doors to let you in and toast for life, joy and happiness of being together again. You all are invited to join us at the only Mediterranean Caffè on this endless net. Please bring a piece of music when you get in.

Il Conte di Salaparuta, Father Delacourt & me will be delighted with your company.

Cin cin, cent'anni!

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    Oct 11 2011: Ninna la focaccia di pancetta e presta.
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      Oct 12 2011: Carissimo Jaime, il carissimo padre Delacourt ha lasciatto due libri per te. Mi ha detto qualche cosa su Pietro Bembo e Amerigo Vespucci. Domenica matina sara qui.

      Ciao caro

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