Baronessa Ninna Di Val-Taranto

Fondatrice e proprietaria dell'isola Castelluccia, Sant'Angelo Custode

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Music, wine & flowers at the everlasting place.

Fall begins with trees in gold. The leaves falling down while Il Caffè del Conte opens its doors to let you in and toast for life, joy and happiness of being together again. You all are invited to join us at the only Mediterranean Caffè on this endless net. Please bring a piece of music when you get in.

Il Conte di Salaparuta, Father Delacourt & me will be delighted with your company.

Cin cin, cent'anni!

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    Oct 11 2011: Where lies the mystery of a flower? Where is it? Why is that they always captivate us?
    They are everlasting, just as ourselves, but we haven't noticed it.

    Among the flowers resides the unspeakable, the unthinkable, they're beginning and end, joy and mourn.

    Welcome to you all, Archibald will be supervising the kitchen as usual. He'll be here soon with the trays.

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      Oct 11 2011: Baronessa! Do you have a favourite flower?
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        Oct 12 2011: Dear Debra, all flowers are unique, and as that they're all venerable. Flowers are the sun, the water, the soil, the colors, the textures, the perfumes. It would be very unjust to have one and only one favourite.

        I'm very happy to see that you have joined us. Enjoy, and here comes Archibald with a glass of frizzante for you.
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    Nov 3 2011: A recent favorite by Sam Beam of "Iron and Wine- this song is just beautiful.
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    Nov 3 2011: Love this thread title! I am going to go with some Argentine folk and Bob Dylan!
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    Oct 25 2011: What a beautiful retreat to come back to, this caffe.

    Today it feels specially like a refuge with sweet aromas and welcoming friends and music.

    Ideal to shut off the busyness of the world.

    I will not add more music this time, as the sounds already here are still playing beautifully. But I will post some extremely soothing places for your soul to be renewed and refilled.

    These are the gardens of one of our TEDsters, pictures that she kindly shared...

    I hope you enjoy them as much I do...
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      Oct 25 2011: Really beautifull...the green mirror of our soul.
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    Oct 22 2011: Carissimi la conversa e veramente sublime. A tutti voi la nostra gradevole riconoscenza.

    Per tutti champagne and some delicacies with rose fragance and prosciutto.
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    Oct 22 2011: I've been watching this thread closely since the moment the conversation posted. Each one of you inspire me. You're feeding me with beauty, moving me with music, invigorating me with joy, stirring me with openness, infusing me with passion, sustaining me with art, quickening me with poetry and elating me with love.

    Thank you, to friends I haven't met yet, for your most gracious welcome and hospitality.
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    Oct 21 2011: To you all our guests ......
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    Oct 16 2011: Hi Friends

    Here comes an unique song & defintely lot of flowers are there

    This a song , have been being sung since 1953, every 21st February en mass. Almost whole country sings this song as the the clock passes 1200 midnight of 20the Feb , every year.

    Millions walk bare footed with flower in hand in streets starting from midnight until the sun get too hot

    People with flowers, here is the link
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    Oct 15 2011: Hi All! It is lovely to be here.Though I have to skip the wine here, I must say that the flowers and music in Il Caffè are wonderful.It is so nice to see you all again.As for the music, I have nothing but to share with you another set of beautiful keroncong (Malaysian folk music).I hope you enjoy it (please tell me if you do) Have a nice day! :)
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      Oct 15 2011: Muhammad I believe that the culture is a mirror between oriental and occidental music. Delicate sounds equal to delicate flowers. like if a a flower sing.
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    Oct 14 2011: Jaime, that song (ne me quitte pas) was so full of feeling and passion, it made me cry.

    OK, since instead of the Italian recipe I begged for, you gave me music, I will reciprocate...

    I still feel that there is something missing in the air... questa melodia mi porta molto, molto lontano
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      Oct 15 2011:

      Karina if you listen this is ok, if you enjoy this is better but if you understand this is marvelous.

      Just see the qualit of lie expressed then...see and feel the profound fellings...

      Today the kitchen is operated by one of the most prestigiuos chefs in the world he is mexican, and his work is done around the chocolate the real one the original from Mexico, not the excellent ways invented in Belgium or France....his name is Jose Ramon Castillo...extraordinary and superb.

      our chocolate in the original and historical ways to prepare is awsome.
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        Oct 15 2011: Enjoyed the musical feast very much... thanks!
        Thinking of the progression listening, enjoying, understanding it, I get nostalgic...

        Senor Castillo, chocolate sounds perfect... water or milk? Abuelita?
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          Oct 15 2011: the mexican (pre-hispanic) chocolate tradition NEVER use milk. Every chocolate is made one by one without any milk, or grease, adding extract from flowers nectar. This chocolate has no brand of any kind is the REAL one. Im mexican and I tasted it no more than a dozen very rare now. The reason: the hersheys invasion. We all forget the real taste of our own food and we have to recover it. The milk was used in the colonial times and remain as a common use.
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      Oct 15 2011: Karina

      two recipies one mexican, the other italian

      1 Sing and love...........then cooking....

      2 Love and sing...........then cooking....

      Which one is italian or mexican?

      The rest is just technique.
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        Oct 19 2011: Jaime--

        My experience with Italians and Mexicans tells me:

        1.Sing and love...then cooking is Italian-recipe.
        2. Love and sing...then cooking is Mexican-recipe.

        How'd I do?

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          Oct 19 2011: Andrea, you are a very subtle mind reader :-)

          I think both are excellent recipes.

          After enjoying the caffe, can you visit us at the creativity talk? I think we need your professional services as participatory researcher, we are making a "dynamic shift" and could (rather need) your help...
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          Oct 21 2011: Andrea

          My experience with Italians and Mexicans girls, tells me

          1. Sing, and love an then she ask some strange questions.
          2 Love and sing and then she ask more strange questions.

          Cooking is allways first.
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        Oct 21 2011: Jaime --

        From my womanly view, my experience is good wine in the right measure tends to enhance the intensity of all. Singing, cooking, loving -- and some of the questions you and other men experience as strange.

        Though ingredient dyslexia is a risk when sex-based perspectives are added into the mix -- vino or no. Recipes might then call for improvisation.

        But at that point, who cares?

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          Oct 21 2011: Andrea I believe strongly that all the live is a "coontinuum improvisatio"...the Gods in heaven let us th gift of being free for the instant to drill a hole in centuries....

          The very elegan dyslexia appears when the divine conspiration erodes any plan and open the gates to play. Remember Dioniso...the one who is multiple and disolve the limits...with wine.

          The right wine measure in ancient greek culture was very strict commandament:

          The first cratera (glass) is for Hygeia ( we toast for healthy life and when the glass sing Hygeia the Goddes for Helth appears.

          The second cratera is to honor the Eros..

          The third craetera is for Hypnos then we feel asleep...

          From the fourth to the tenth is for madness and mania with imprudence and ridicule.

          The recipes cames from us ...the ocassion is weaved in heaven...the action is human-divine.
          When sex ascend to Eros, is sublime, but when Eros ascend to Agape is divine. The highest place is Charysma...when the ego dissapears. Then and just then the joy transform our souls in real spirits (Pir =fire) to achieve the Zenadaieia or enlightment as a gift. Is the same if you read, or cook,or make love, or smile. In this very moment could be happen with this words.
          Remember that Divine will has no limits.
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        Oct 22 2011: Jaime,

        Muchos gracias, mi amigo.

        What a breathtaking and enlightening piece to "hold" and behold and experience

        I can't interpret Greek, but my intuitive "encounter" with the piece suggests it connects human soul search to divine agape illumination: life juxtaposed with light. And the suggestion of Dionysian allegory?

        Stunning! I'll spend more time with it.

        Can you interpret more of your understanding of it's meaning for me?

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          Oct 22 2011: Andrea, exactly....light is live (and its all) light is a divine atribute that we receive as a delight.

          The Dionysian alegory is a bridge between light and darkness trough joy and sorrow.

          Dionisos lives in the woods he is not an urban God is wild and natural, he is the only one among Gods that born twice (a metaphor for the Fenix) is the same than Lord Shiva. He dance in the woods, free and savage. The light appears in the sunrise brought by Helios who transport Apolo ( the unique) to give us the rationality, Dioniso represent and gives us the creativity.

          The memory is the mother of Muses (Mnemosine)...they all dance and dance eternally in the MareNostrum and evoques our creative power similar to the Divine power. But Dioniso cames with the sunset, in the yellow and shiny bridge between day and night. His kingdoom opens the door with the figures of constelations in sky. First is Orion...and Pleyades....the time is marked as a very sensual dance. He is the Kouros Scandia...the young God who fertilize everything he touch. His image is a young man with a panter skin in his shoulder follow by Menades, the sensuality and erotical desires. Light is al in this chant.
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        Oct 22 2011: Jaime--

        Si, life as a continuum improvisation.
        Si, the joy is there in the moments when we are willing to yield to it.
        Si, as you refer to it "divine conspiracy" that releases our souls and egos to play and love.

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        Oct 22 2011: A lovely exchange between you Jaime & Andrea..a narrative poem., call and response in the rythm of life

        .and for me astonishing and pure delight to see the language of contemplative life spoken here in celebration of the joys of reading, music art and companionship.

        "when Eros ascend to Agape is divine. The highest place is Charysma...when the ego dissapears. Then and just then the joy transform our souls in real spirits (Pir =fire) to achieve the Zenadaieia or enlightment as a gift. th gift of being free for the instant to drill a hole in centuries...."


        What a great exchange in ego for a chance to drill a hole in, art, great poetry catches us up unexpectedly..entices us to surrender ego just for the moment and gives us a taste of something beyond imagining flooding into us through that tiny "hole in the centuries"

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      Oct 15 2011: Karina receta .

      Pan de trigo integral de primera calidad, horneado con l grano grueso.
      Tocino en trozos grandes, con poca grasa.
      Tomates maduros.
      Aceite de oliva extravirgen.
      La preparacion del pan se logra untando ligeramente las rebanadas con aceite de oliva y calentandolas ligeramente sobre una plancha a fuego bajo durante unos pocos minutos. El pan se retira y se envuelve en papel de cocina para que se absorba el aceite y quden listos para recibir la salsa.

      en la preparacion de la salsa es fundamental que los tomates se escalfen y se les quiten las semillas.
      se frien con el ajo y la cebolla con poco muele para obtener una salsa fluida, a la que se le agrega el tocino ya frito. con esa salsa se cubre ligeramente el pan y se pone un momento en el horno a baja temperatura....despues se sirve el vino tinto y se dusfruta de vida.
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    Oct 14 2011: Friends don't understand the meaning of words but I like it
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    Oct 13 2011: Lindsay is a nice and warm feeling being aware of your sensibility.

    enjoy..... chanson d'automne.........

    Cin cin
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      Oct 18 2011: Jaime,

      How beautiful..thank you. ( Is he singing to a stephane grapelli recording????)

      I am just seeing this this morning. I have been on retreat with Martin Laird since Friday morning. ( Perhaps you know his major works including Into A Silent Land). Our retreat was filmed by PBS and included several meditative walks together through the brilliant oranges and reds of the forest next to the sea at our contemplative center So perhaps it will available soon for all to enjoy.

      I have left with Archibald in the kitchen two jugs of fresh pressed apple cider and two apple pies from the heirloom apples in my orchard. Best To all
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        Oct 18 2011: Lindsay the lirycs are from Paul Verlaine french poet, and the music is from Leo Ferre himself........
        The apple pie is f-o-r-m-i-d-a-b-l-e........
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    Oct 12 2011: " nostro amico Conte di Salaparuta ha una cava incredibie. Aspetiamo il suo ritorno per aprire di nuovo la porta del Caffe del Conte. Il Conte e a punto da finire un picolo lavoro e tornara a casa a Napoli. Bella mangiatta, parola e bona vita. Ti Piace?"

    This here Luigi ??
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      Oct 12 2011: Juliette qui ricordiamo nel cuore al nostro carissimo amico Luigi. Oggi le stele in paradiso sonno la sua casa.

      Questa bellisima opera di Verdi, il suo capolavoro e per noi italiani il cuore ardente. E per Luigi.
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      Oct 19 2011: Cara Juliette la speranza si vive giorno a giorno, ora a ora...qui e la nostra divisa permanente....
      di fronte al mare una bella serata, la mezzaluna, una chitarra chi suona il nostro cuore....

      fuoco, vino, canto....tutto insieme nel cuore
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        Oct 19 2011: Caro Conte, Approfitto che siete qui per ringraziare la tua benvenuta oggi fa, e anche la bel canzone di Andrea Bocelli.

        Perche qui, perche adesso? Questo sistema di mesaggio di TED non e perfetto, e lo mezcola tutto, per quello io non aveva trovato la tua risposta, era stato una bella sorpresa.
        Ma veramente cercaba la ricetta de la nonna. La ricordo un po, ma era cosi "italiana", sai... un po di questo, un attimo de quello... era un pane di panccetta, una rosca di campagna chi va meglio con questa altra canzone napolitana...
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    Oct 11 2011:

    The Baronessa introduced me to this song and I have found another version that I love.

    Delighted and enchanted to be with you all again,
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    Oct 11 2011: Ninna la focaccia di pancetta e presta.
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      Oct 12 2011: Carissimo Jaime, il carissimo padre Delacourt ha lasciatto due libri per te. Mi ha detto qualche cosa su Pietro Bembo e Amerigo Vespucci. Domenica matina sara qui.

      Ciao caro
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    Oct 11 2011: Baronessa --

    Sounds like a lovely conversation you've got started here.

    May I suggest as you enjoy this lovely soiree, you steer clear of foods corrupted by GMOs. Here is an interesting conversation about a movement seeking to protect our food from poisons:

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      Oct 11 2011: Andrea what a nice surprise to see you here in the Caffe........of course you are allways wellcome and be sure that we cook with the best...the Baronessa's land produce everything we need. Except for th caffe that comes from Mexico or Arabia, the rest even the wine is from the state.

      In the other hand we appreciette your presence here and we are gratefull for your reccomendation about the poisons in food.

      For the next thursday evening we present the plates invented by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. Our research was intense in history and in all the process to obtain he best results. She was an excelent cook and left their recipes. This presentation in framed by the Slow Food Italy in the context of research.

      Please feel comfortable and in home.

      Nice to see you.
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      Oct 12 2011: Carissima Signora Andrea its a pleasure to see you here at the Caffe. We are delighted with your presence.
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    Oct 11 2011: Debra? where is Debra?
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      Oct 11 2011: Hello Jaime, Computer problems again but I will be here every chance I get!
      PS Lindsay and I are still looking forward to the dresses you designed for us!!
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    Oct 11 2011: Baronessa Ninna,

    Lovely to have this reunion with you , Conte, and our behind the curtain friend Father Delacorte.

    I love this portuguese jazz classic , Carinhoso, and here is soulful version:

    It is sweet and sad all at that wownderful portuguese word "saudade" sort of a tender longing remembrance, a deep cherishing of one from whom we are apart

    .Bright Blessings to all from my brilliantly colored fall island..spangled with deep reds, dark oranges, bright yellows

    Stonington, Maine, U.S.A.
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      Oct 11 2011: Lindsay & Debra the flowers sing
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        Oct 12 2011: Ah, questa musica... anche a me mi piacerebbe molto andare, bell posto, buon mangiare.

        Hai detto la focaccia di pancetta? Prego, potete darmi la ricetta? Sul serio, la mia nonna me l'aveva data tanto tempo fa, ma l'ho perso, non so dove e. Mi ricordo che aveva rosmarino e un sacco di pancetta.
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        Oct 13 2011: The flowers sing and so do our hearts when we are here together.
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      Oct 12 2011: Carissima Lindsay il padre Delacourt ride. E qui vicino a me e invia la benedizione per voi.

      Behind the curtain e un bel nome per la noveletta nera al modo Agatha Christie. Grazie per il scherzzino.
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        Oct 12 2011: Carissima conte e padre Delacourt
        Mando mia benedizione a voi troppo. "Liberare me la potenza del tuo spirito, che la mia anima può essere forte e il mio spirito, libero"

        Ho lasciato un secchio di mele cimelio dal mio frutteto in cucina con Archibald... portato anche un paniere di mio meloni. Essi sono diventati maturi tutti in una volta, naturalmente, così io sono felice di essere in grado di condividere con voi

        (Bing translation..hope it makes some sense grammatically?)
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    Oct 11 2011: what a lovely place you have here! and so beautiful in the fall, my favorite time of year. Please surprise me with the wine selection, I am positive it will be lovely. I come to rest, the road has been long this year and I would like to relax and take in the view and allow the colors of the autumn to renew me. Perhaps a simple meal and some good conversation?
    Save a place for me while I choose a lovely dress and find my pearl necklace and I will wander back through your door this afternoon with stories to tell and a musician or two? Oh! Forgive me, I have lost my manners, Baronessa, I will present my daughter and my son to you as well when we return with gifts from the Eastern Shore where we reside. We have bushels of blue crab and October is the best month, would Archibald like them for a crab souffle' this afternoon?
    I must go, for now, but I will come and dance among your flowers and we will laugh and sing as we are meant to do.
    Nice meeting you and thank you for having me!

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      Oct 11 2011: Carissima Signora von Stenberg

      I remember that I knew a very nice gentlemen Von Stenberg, here in the Vatican, he was with some diplomatic issues from Austria Papal legacy. I presume is your relative.

      Please be comfortable here in questa casa di giogia dove si parla bene e si mangia megio.
      La nostra cava e unica per la colleizone dei nostri vini, tutti italiani.

      Rosso di Montefalco
      Brunello da Montalcino
      Nero D'avola siciliano puro
      Riserva Ducale Vaticana
      e tanti altri che e comme un paradiso.

      Archibald il nostro caro aidee, adeso e in cucina.

      Wellcome Signora.
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        Oct 12 2011: what a lovely and heartfelt welcome, thank you so much. I am not positive about the relationship but I will ask my father. You are gracious and kind for your suggestions.
        I have found a beautiful song to which we all might relax and just allow the words to flow over us as the breeze would do on a balmy autumn evening.
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    Oct 11 2011: Does it fit the Caffe environment.......
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      Oct 12 2011: Caro Salim this music is extremly delicate and with a taste of spices that reminds me an extraordinary travel
      to Orient four years ago. The sound are full of exotic and lovely fragances. Thank you for your gift please feel in home and enjoy this nuovo caffe. Wellcome.
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        Oct 12 2011: Dear Conte Di Salaputra , thanks for your poetic expression ......

        Here comes spice of other oriental falvour.....

        Inviting you to another travel to my place
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          Oct 12 2011: Salim my friend this music is pure silk. Like sea and storm, clouds and beautifull woman eyes.

          Nice to see you here
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        Oct 13 2011: Jamie my dear Friend
        Very happy to hear your musical words about my posted song.
        Me being very naive about grammer of music , either depend on my ear (whatever sounds good , just try to listen) or on the meaning of words (if it's a song), when words touches heart again listen.
        In your honour here comes another one , words are very mystical to touch heart and sound so soothing to ear ..........
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        Oct 12 2011: Thanks my friend Tee Cee :)
        Equally delighted I am as you liked it.
        You are absolutely right , it's from a contemporary movie but not a mainstream Bangla movie. It's love story capturing poor people , the guy is a servant of a rich man from city , who sent him to an small island having a false allegation of murdering the maid servant of that rich man (actual murderer is the abnormal son of that rich man). The simple guy (servant) knew his master sent him to the island to look after cultivation , whereas actually the rich man reported to police him as murderer.

        The girl is a poor girl of nearby village , who used to help her father who is a farmer & she used to row boat for her father for fishing purpose. That's the way they came across each other........ finally actually that rich man took that girl and made her to marry his abnormal son, while send police to catch the last the girl commits suicide......

        The name of the Film is "Monpura" (meaning "Land of Heart" the name of the island)

        Check other songs of the same film

        Below is the song of last scene of the film
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      Oct 13 2011: Lovely salim..thank you..nice to imagine the musical contexts and landscape in which you live. Wouldn't it be fun if TED Conversations were by video in stead of text? Then we could see each other in context and hear in the background the sounds that accompany our every day life.

      I love the harmonium and really enjoyed trying to pick up the harmonium accompaniment from the shots of the key board. I play my harmonimum every day ..mostly in an ad hoc and intuitive way, all non day I hope to learn to play it correctly as in this lovely video.

      Even when I play it for the songs that I do, including "Coin Operated Boy", and Allen Ginsberg's "Father Death Blues" and for my 3 and 4 year sold Headsrta kids " Five Little Ducks" it somehow just wants to be what it is in this lovely film you have shared.

      I will play it for my harmonium.

      Bright blessings

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        Oct 13 2011: Hi Lindsay
        Yeap, that will be fun and think that will be the next step in TED conversation :)
        Wow you play harmonium !!! It's very common instrument in music of my country..... wish to listen your harmonium some day here .......

        Check this link , another song with some indingenous instrument...

        Have a lovely day
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    Oct 11 2011: Baronessa this music sound extraordinary when you can hear with a nice flower in your hair and a glass of red wine.
  • Oct 10 2011: Ahhh Baronessa

    Cont tanto gusto les veo, siento, disfruto la compania...

    A tango with my love is how we shall enter.....
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      Oct 10 2011: Michael bienvenido....para desayunar unos chilaquiles con crema y queso cotija, huevos rancheros, jugo de naranja y calabaza en tacha...ah y buen muy buen cafe. Excelente cafe de Coatepec Veracruz.
      • Oct 12 2011: Jaime
        Perdon que no le he contestado hasta ahora...chilaquiles, cafe, y amigos..porque no vamos al restaurante La Parroquia en el mero puerto de Veracruz?
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      Oct 12 2011: Michael my friend how are you? With your expertise in the mexican food I'm sure that we can enjoy some tasty sugestions . The kitchen is at your orders. Why dont you tell us some of your adventures in Mexico?
      • Oct 12 2011: I will mi conte. Let me think of exactly which one.....there are many...el pueblo mexicano hay de otro
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    Oct 10 2011: Ci arrivo con il bicchiere di rosso siciliano e il mio bel sorriso per aprire e salutare tutti.

    Vi lascio questa bellissima canzone.

    Le canzoni fanno anche viaggiare.
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    Oct 10 2011: Cara i fiori, la musica, l'estate, un buon rosso e il soriso bastano per aprire il nostro cuore a la buona vita.

    Questa canzonetta mi ricorda i nostri giorni a scuola.

    Benvenutti amici, recominceremo le nobile parole in questo tempo del riposo.
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    Oct 10 2011: Carissima Ninna io aspetabo questo momento. Qui va la musica....

    Grazie tanti e benvenutti tutti.
    Bienvenids todos.
    Wellcome to you all.