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Baronessa Ninna Di Val-Taranto

Fondatrice e proprietaria dell'isola Castelluccia, Sant'Angelo Custode

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Music, wine & flowers at the everlasting place.

Fall begins with trees in gold. The leaves falling down while Il Caffè del Conte opens its doors to let you in and toast for life, joy and happiness of being together again. You all are invited to join us at the only Mediterranean Caffè on this endless net. Please bring a piece of music when you get in.

Il Conte di Salaparuta, Father Delacourt & me will be delighted with your company.

Cin cin, cent'anni!

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  • Oct 10 2011: Ahhh Baronessa

    Cont tanto gusto les veo, siento, disfruto la compania...

    A tango with my love is how we shall enter.....

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      Oct 10 2011: Michael bienvenido....para desayunar unos chilaquiles con crema y queso cotija, huevos rancheros, jugo de naranja y calabaza en tacha...ah y buen muy buen cafe. Excelente cafe de Coatepec Veracruz.
      • Oct 12 2011: Jaime
        Perdon que no le he contestado hasta ahora...chilaquiles, cafe, y amigos..porque no vamos al restaurante La Parroquia en el mero puerto de Veracruz?
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      Oct 12 2011: Michael my friend how are you? With your expertise in the mexican food I'm sure that we can enjoy some tasty sugestions . The kitchen is at your orders. Why dont you tell us some of your adventures in Mexico?
      • Oct 12 2011: I will mi conte. Let me think of exactly which one.....there are many...el pueblo mexicano ...no hay de otro

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