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What is the difference between persuasion and manipulation?

Both are used in communication. Most times purposely but sometimes mistakenly. How do we know which is which? More importantly how do we know if we are persuading or manipulating? How do we know which is being performed on us? How do we over come the negative and turn communication back into a tool which is mutually beneficial?


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    Oct 12 2011: What if the person doesn't know it but the product could relly benefit them... You know that it could if they would just buy it. Say a gym membership for example.
    • Oct 12 2011: I see what you mean. And your example brings an interesting question to mind. What if the person who offers the gym membership only thinks about his monetary gains, even though the buyer will get a benefit?
      In this particular case both parts are winning, but the owner is manipulating the consumer into getting the membership so he can make more money, he doesn´t really care if the client gets fitter or not.

      So a new question would be... if manipulation is selfish and persuasion seeks the best outcome for both, what draws the line? or what would be that third option in the middle?

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