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social worker, Dr Susan Smith McKinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Im searching for people to organize a TEDx in NYC and in cities worldwide focusing on peace and attaining a permanent cease fire on 9/21/12.

I really love all of the Ted Talks. I would love to be a part of organizing a TEDx in NYC to promote a permanent global peace and cease fire and also inspiring their organization in cities, towns and villages around the world yearly on the International Global Peace One Day 9/21.

It would be great to have them filmed and simulcasted and uploaded on to the web for everyone's benefit. It is quite a project to put it together but with a group of dedicated volunteers we could do it.

I would like to discuss ways which peoples can bridge the gap and lessen the tensions in this world to become more friendly with each other. How can we get to the point where we have a Global Cease Fire called for by all nations in the UN and carried out permanently?

We have to realize the ecological impact war is having on the Earth and on all of us. What are we really fighting for and how in the world can we stop? In the end it is not worth it. Millions of people have needlessly died in war over the course of human history. How can we change our behavior in the future so we can go peaceful, green and cooperative in the future? If we can not imagine how to get to a permanent global cease fire how can we hope to achieve it?

How can we better utilize international institutions, courts, arbiters, mediators, criminal justice systems for peace rather than war? How can we use sport, culture, fun, dance, films, international fairs, foreign exchange to promote peace on our small pale blue dot?

We would have to be careful that our talks are all general in nature in order to promote peaceful ideas that all people and leaders can embrace. We want to create a peaceful future rather than pointing a finger, blaming anyone and alienating others. Thus no mentioning of specific religions, races, cultures, parties, ethnicity, countries or leaders by name should be part of any of the speeches.

We have to end the long lasting human family feud before we destroy ourselves & the Earth.

  • Oct 11 2011: Hi Michelle - I'd love to connect with you on this as I was hoping to put together something similar. Thanks - mbreslauer@economicsandpeace.org
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      Oct 12 2011: Great. I am awaiting TED approval however let me know if you have any good ideas we can implement together. I am also applying to organize a TED Youth Peace event that day as well.
  • Oct 11 2011: Hi Michelle! What type of help are you looking for? Feel free to follow up with me: dbbradle@me.com
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      Oct 11 2011: Hi, Derrick Bradley, Thanks for writing to me and offering your assistance. As soon as Tedx gets back to me to inform me if they approve my Tedx license request I will know how to proceed. I see that you live in Canada and I would ask you if you are interested in applying to organize a Tedx event in Canada about attaining global peace and cease fire possibly on the same day as I am planning, 9/21/12 which is global peace day. I am hoping to have these events organized in many cities and villages around the world on that date if possible. In the meanwhile please think about how humanity would go permanently peaceful and if you would like you may feel free to let me know if you would like to help me with this project in anyway. I will be organizing the whole thing from scratch.
      • Oct 18 2011: hello Michelle, form Kingston, ontario Canada. -just met with a local school board to try to get their social justice committee on board for peace day 2012. will know in a month and it looks good. potentially 12,000 students available to be reached. please get in touch so if it takes off we can network. thanks.
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          Oct 29 2011: Dear Brian, Wow that is really great news. My internet was down for a few days so I just read your message today. I hope you have great success with your Peace Day Event. Please let me know how it goes. Possibly we can video conference our events for our groups to say hi to each other on Peace Day to support the idea of Peace and friendship to all.
  • Oct 10 2011: Hi there,

    I would be happy to help you organize TED talks. I a lot of overseas and in country experience working on human rights and other peace related issues and have organized events in NYC previously. I would be happy to help you.

    Let me know how I can help. I also live in Manhattan.

    All the best, Tania Bernath
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      Oct 10 2011: Thanks I am considering organizing it on 9/21/12 in NYC and to have them organized by different people around the world on that date as well. 9/21 is the International Day of Peace voted upon in the UN. What ever you can do to spread this word world wide would be great. Have you seen Jeremy Gilley's TED Talk? This will be part of that effort. I am calling for a permanent global cease fire everyday not just for one day. If we all think about a plan as to how we can possibly go peaceful and green and try to speak about it around the world as often as possible we may be able to achieve this goal or at least a reduction in fighting. Humanity is so technologically advanced yet we have not figured out how to get along with each other yet. Maybe the minds at TED can help pave a path to peace and inspire the world the road to achieving a lasting global truce and permanent cease fire. Can Humanity start on a project of the mass destruction of all weapons on Earth. We are at peril of extinction of all life on Earth. We have to really look at our mis-behaviors and get help for ourselves before humanity virtually destroys the world.

      Right now I will write to TED to discuss this plan and the date. Then I would need to find a location for the event and call for speakers to give talks or ideas for peace worth sharing and doing and to select the best TED talks to show in the event. Do you ( or anyone else) have any recommendations for any of the above?
  • Oct 10 2011: Hi Michelle

    I am actually in Berlin, Germany, but work in the conflict resolution field, also negotiation, and would be happy to help. I am frequently in the US, also in New York.

    See www.rationalgames.com for more infio,.
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      Oct 10 2011: Thanks for writing to me. I checked out your website and your concept is really interesting. Possibly you may wish to speak at a TEDx or a TED on the concept of using rational games in negotiations and mediation and how this can be utilized on a worldwide scale to help in peace efforts between nations. The Ping-Pong diplomacy really did work. I am thinking to ask people from around the world to get involved with the project of organizing a TEDx talk in their city, town or village on Global Peace One Day 9/21/12 and on each peace day thereafter so we can make efforts around the world at securing a permanent global cease fire. Would you be interested in organizing the event in Berlin on 9/21/12 and possibly thereafter on 9/21 of each year. Any help that you or anyone else can provide to me in NYC or to this effort in Berlin or helping me get these conferences spread around the world on Peace Day would be greatly appreciated.
  • Oct 10 2011: In DC, but would be interested as well. Do email me at rebosio@yahoo.com.
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      Oct 10 2011: Hi, thanks for offering to help. It might be great if we can have two events going on simultaneously in NY and DC since this topic is surely big enough to encompass multiple locations. What do you think. It may be easy to locate speakers in Washington DC willing to speak there as part of this effort.
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    Oct 10 2011: Michelle, I am working on something related so we should definitely talk :) email me if you like.
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      Oct 10 2011: Great. Please let me know what you are working on.
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      Oct 10 2011: Hi Linda, I just expanded on my idea. Please see my new concept written in my conversation.
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    Oct 10 2011: Hello Michelle!

    I am very interested in helping out.

    Please email me Jeff.thompson [at] Griffith.edu.au or send me a message on twitter: @NonverbalPhD

    Great idea!

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      Oct 10 2011: Hi, Thanks for emailing me. I think we can use this as a great opportunity to get some serious thought and discussion about how humanity can go peaceful. Please keep in touch.
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      Oct 11 2011: Hi I was not able to reach you through your email and twitter but was not able. I am seeking people who may want to organize Peace one Day Tedx conferences in their area if they do not live near by nyc and it may be difficult to get to NYC in 9/21/12. I am awaiting to hear back from Tedx if my application for a license is approved before I can organize any further here. I will keep you posted.
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    Oct 31 2011: I know many people who are very active in the Peace movement. I will let them know what you have planned and they might contact you directly.
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      Nov 3 2011: Dear Thomas, Thanks a lot. Right now I am trying to find an affordable or free location with enough space and accommodations to hold a TEDx conference in Brooklyn or Manhattan. That is the hard part. It may be easier to play the existing TED talks rather than filming new ones. There are so many great talks already online. I may try just showing those at my TEDx if I get it organized. It would be great if we can really have many TEDx all on 9/21 of each year all around the world showing or making new talks on peace, nonviolence, compassion, how to survive on Earth together etc Sincerely, Michelle
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        Nov 3 2011: Hi Michelle,

        I have already forwarded your intention (and a link to this conversation) to two organizations that are active in promoting peace.

        I am sure they will check what you are planning and will contact you if they think they might be able to make a contribution.

        Ask for what you want. You might get it.
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          Nov 4 2011: Thomas, Thanks a million! You are a God Send to all of us since if you help us get peace on Earth all humans and all life on Earth will benefit!> Please continue to think of all that you can do to help further the idea of a global truce. I have a hope that all nations can vote in the UN to return to the Kellogg Briand Pact of 1928 whereby all nations renounced war and agreed not to fight wars as an instrument of foreign policy. If the pact would have been kept WW2 and other wars after that could have been avoided however if we return to that path now possibly we can avoid WW3 and other catastrophic problems that may be awaiting us. I have written many comments and many ideas about them which if you like you may see if you click on my TED profile. Please work to help humanity through our trying times for the future's sake! Thanks again for giving my information to organizations that can help. I need to network with many people to make Global Peace and a permanent cease fire a reality not just an idea! Michelle
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    Oct 31 2011: Hi Michelle -

    I am the founder of Peace Football Club, an organization designed to promote peace through soccer - and a lot more. We have innovative content (a unique, educational and entertaining survey - as well as photos and video eventually - as well as Peace FC Peace Prizes coming soon), community development capabilities, and campaigns that will promote our cause.

    I am also aware of Peace One Day and have spoken with the organization about their One Day One Goal efforts in the past. We played soccer this past 9/21 and plan a celebratory game on 9/21/2012 - but we are open to helping promote more on the next International Peace Day. Please let me know if we can be a part of your plans.

    Learn more at www.peacefc.com

    Thank you,

    Jeff Eyestone
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      Nov 3 2011: Sure you can be part on these plans. Possibly you can play the football game on 9/21/12 then invite everyone to stay at the location longer to watch some ted talks on Peace, compassion etc if you can find a way to set up a large screen to show the talks. There are so many related. If you check there is a spreadsheet list of all 1000 talks. It is best if you pick talks of various perspectives of people from many professions and mix it in with talks on some other related topics to keep it interdisciplinary. I will be including some talks about advances in medicine, technology, energy, with talks showing Technology, Entertainment and Design related to peace. Songs of peace etc You would have to apply to TED for a TEDx license to organize the event. Michelle
  • Oct 11 2011: OK that all sounds good.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  • Oct 11 2011: Sounds great! And actually, I live in Brooklyn, NY right now so I'd be right around the corner :)
  • Oct 10 2011: Your idea is great! Just a thought is before you write to TED it might be useful to get the few people together either in an email discussion or in person to develop this idea a tiny bit more. I like the idea that people it should not be a one day event but an every day event. Can I help you organize a discussion about this idea to further develop it?

    Just a thought! But otherwise I have some general ideas on your questions and will get back to you a bit later today with those suggestions.

    Cheers and good thinking on this. Cheers, Tania
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      Oct 10 2011: I applied for a specific license for 9/21/12 in NYC since I have to pick a date and city. I picked that date since it is the International day of peace already so it is fitting for us to organize events around the world on that day especially for peace however peace should be discussed everyday and any effort to spread peace 365days per year is welcome by me. Anyone wishing to apply to organize a TEDx event calling for peaceful solutions to our problems should be applauded and be widely accepted. I will also be applying for a license to organize a TEDx event on Earth Day 4/22/12 to discuss sustainability, green issues, green technology and the ecological footprint of peace and war on the environment.